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This book is the Holy Book of God, of celestial Inspiration. It is the Bible of Salvation, the Noble Gospel. It is the mystery of the Kingdom and its light. It is the Divine Bounty, the sign of the guidance of God - 'Abdul-Baha (22:2)

In the Qur'an we read that Muhammad spoke to his followers, saying: "Why do you not believe in Christ, and in the Gospel? Why will you not accept Moses and the Prophets, for surely the Bible is the Book of God?" (pt 47) (23:1)

..it is significant and convincing that when Muhammad proclaimed His work and mission, His first objection to His followers was, "Why have you not believed on Jesus Christ? Why have you not accepted the Gospel? Why have not believed in Moses? Why have you not followed the precepts of the Old Testament? Why have you not understood the prophets of Israel? Why have you not believed in the disciples of Christ? The first duty incumbent upon ye, O Arabians, is to accept and believe in these. You must consider Moses as a Prophet. You must accept Jesus Christ as the Word of God. You must know the Old and the New Testaments as the Word of God. (pup 201) (22:4)

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