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  World Peace = Current / Future World Conditions (see Grid View for an improved overview of the data).
  Books= Book Selection.
  Find = Search All books or books by one Author.
  WoG = Worlds of God Compilation
  Qur = Qur'an Quote Index
  Bib = Bible Quote Index
  Relig = Religious Harmony between 4 major World Religions & Teaching advice (for Baha'is).
  Srce = Quick access to Source Abbreviations.
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  Clicking a colored ( pg:pa ) at end of a Paragraph will access Paragraph-level Bookmarks.
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  (Individual Books may be Searched within each book).
Tags often attached to book names show a book index when the tag is clicked:
  [i] Tags open the book at the selected subject (a subject index).
  [q] Tags fetch the designated text (a quote index).
Bookmarks persist for six months, or until deleted or changed. They must be Enabled for the website to work properly.
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