Eliphaz of spirit speaking to him
the Holy Bible


Now a thing was secretly brought to me, and mine ear received a little thereof. (4:12)

In thoughts from the visions of the night, when deep sleep falleth on men, (4:13)

Fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones to shake. (4:14)

Then a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my flesh stood up: (4:15)

It stood still, but I could not discern the form thereof: an image [was] before mine eyes, [there was] silence, and I heard a voice, [saying], (4:16)

Shall mortal man be more just than God? shall a man be more pure than his maker? (4:17)

Behold, he put no trust in his servants; and his angels he charged with folly: (4:18)

How much less [in] them that dwell in houses of clay, whose foundation [is] in the dust, [which] are crushed before the moth? (4:19)

They are destroyed from morning to evening: they perish for ever without any regarding [it]. (4:20)

Doth not their excellency [which is] in them go away? they die, even without wisdom. (4:21)

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