the Holy Qur'an

To the 'Ad people, (We sent) Hud, one of their (own) brethren: He said: O my people! worship God! ye have no other god but Him will ye not fear (God)?" (7:65)

The leaders of the Unbelievers among his people said: "Ah! we see thou art an imbecile!" and "We think thou art a liar!" (7:66)

He said: "O my people! I am no imbecile, but (I am) an apostle from the Lord and Cherisher of the worlds! (7:67)

"I but fulfil towards you the duties of my Lord's mission: I am to you a sincere and trustworthy adviser. (7:68)

"Do ye wonder that there hath come to you a message from your Lord through a man of your own people, to warn you? call in remembrance that He made you inheritors after the people of Noah, and gave you a stature tall among the nations. Call in remembrance the benefits (ye have received) from God: that so ye may prosper." (7:69)

They said: "Comest thou to us, that we may worship God alone, and give up the cult of our fathers? bring us what thou threatenest us with, if so be that thou tellest the truth!" (7:70)

He said: "Punishment and wrath have already come upon you from your Lord: dispute ye with me over names which ye have devised - ye and your fathers,- without authority from God? then wait: I am amongst you, also waiting." (7:71)

We saved him and those who adhered to him. By Our mercy, and We cut off the roots of those who rejected Our signs and did not believe. (7:72)

To the 'Ad People (We sent) Hud, one of their own brethren. He said: "O my people! worship God! ye have no other god but Him. (Your other gods) ye do nothing but invent! (11:50)

"O my people! I ask of you no reward for this (Message). My reward is from none but Him who created me: Will ye not then understand? (11:51)

"And O my people! Ask forgiveness of your Lord, and turn to Him (in repentance): He will send you the skies pouring abundant rain, and add strength to your strength: so turn ye not back in sin!" (11:52)

They said: "O Hud! No Clear (Sign) that hast thou brought us, and we are not the ones to desert our gods on thy word! Nor shall we believe in thee! (11:53)

"We say nothing but that (perhaps) some of our gods may have seized thee with imbecility." He said: "I call God to witness, and do ye bear witness, that I am free from the sin of ascribing, to Him, (11:54)

"Other gods as partners! so scheme (your worst) against me, all of you, and give me no respite. (11:55)

"I put my trust in God, My Lord and your Lord! There is not a moving creature, but He hath grasp of its fore-lock. Verily, it is my Lord that is on a straight Path. (11:56)

"If ye turn away,- I (at least) have conveyed the Message with which I was sent to you. My Lord will make another people to succeed you, and you will not harm Him in the least. For my Lord hath care and watch over all things." (11:57)

"And O my people! let not my dissent (from you) cause you to sin, lest ye suffer a fate similar to that of the people of Noah or of Hud or of Salih, nor are the people of Lut far off from you! (11:89)

Behold, their brother Hud said to them: "Will ye not fear (God)? (26:124)

"I am to you an apostle worthy of all trust: (26:125)

"So fear God and obey me. (26:126)

"No reward do I ask of you for it: my reward is only from the Lord of the Worlds. (26:127)

"Do ye build a landmark on every high place to amuse yourselves? (26:128)

"And do ye get for yourselves fine buildings in the hope of living therein (for ever)? (26:129)

"And when ye exert your strong hand, do ye do it like men of absolute power? (26:130)

"Now fear God, and obey me. (26:131)

"Yea, fear Him Who has bestowed on you freely all that ye know. (26:132)

"Freely has He bestowed on you cattle and sons,- (26:133)

"And Gardens and Springs. (26:134)

"Truly I fear for you the Penalty of a Great Day." (26:135)

They said: "It is the same to us whether thou admonish us or be not among (our) admonishers! (26:136)

"This is no other than a customary device of the ancients, (26:137)

"And we are not the ones to receive Pains and Penalties!" (26:138)

Mention (Hud) one of 'Ad's (own) brethren: Behold, he warned his people about the winding Sand-tracts: but there have been warners before him and after him: "Worship ye none other than God: Truly I fear for you the Penalty of a Mighty Day." (46:21)

They said: "Hast thou come in order to turn us aside from our gods? Then bring upon us the (calamity) with which thou dost threaten us, if thou art telling the truth?" (46:22)

He said: "The Knowledge (of when it will come) is only with God: I proclaim to you the mission on which I have been sent: But I see that ye are a people in ignorance!".. (46:23)

Then, when they saw the (Penalty in the shape of) a cloud traversing the sky, coming to meet their valleys, they said, "This cloud will give us rain!" "Nay, it is the (Calamity) ye were asking to be hastened!- A wind wherein is a Grievous Penalty! (46:24)

"Everything will it destroy by the command of its Lord!" Then by the morning they - nothing was to be seen but (the ruins of) their houses! thus do We recompense those given to sin! (46:25)

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