Gleanings (quotes):-
I. Lauded and Glorified art Thou
II. The Beginning of All Things
III. The Revelation Which, From
IV. This is the Day in Which God
V. This is the Day Whereon Ocean
VI. Behold how Divers Peoples
VII. Verily This is Day in Which
VIII. By the Righteousness of God
IX. Husayn! Consider Eagerness
X. Time Foreordained to Peoples
XI. All Glory be to This Day
XII. Bestir Yourselves, O People
XIII. Consider the Past How Many
XIV. Divine Springtime is Come
XV. Pen of Revelation Exclaimeth
XVI. Say this is a Matchless Day
XVII. Who is Great Announcement
XVIII. Say We have Caused Rivers
XIX. Every Discerning Illum Heart
XX. Know a Certainty- Unseen
XXI. Salman! Door of Knowledge
XXII. Bearers of the Trust of God
XXIII. Re: Former Generations
XXIV. Beware Believers Unity God
XXV. Evident in Every Age
XXVI. Praise God All-Possessing
XXVII. All Praise to Unity of God
XXVIII. Happy the Man who Arise
XXIX. Purpose of God in Creating
XXX. God Witnesseth no God But
XXXI. Contemplate w/ Inward Eye
XXXII. That which Thou Heard
XXXIII. It hath been Decreed by Us
XXXIV. All Praise Glory be to God
XXXV. Ponder what is Prompted
XXXVI. Know when Son of Man
XXXVII. Blessed is the Man that
XXXVIII. Know Every Dispensation
XXXIX. Praise be to Thee O Lord
XL O My Well-Beloved! Thou hast
XLI. God is My Witness, O People
XLII. Son Justice! in Night Season
XLIII. O Afnan, O thou that hast
XLIV. Lay not aside Fear of God
XLV. Ancient Beauty Consented
XLVI. I Sorrow not for Burden
XLVII. O Jews! if ye be intent on
XLVIII. God Is My Witness! had it
XLIX. Verily whenever this Youth
L Shake off, O Heedless Ones
LI. O People! I. Swear by the One
LII. Say O People! withhold not
LIII. O Nasir, O My Servant! God
LIV. By the Righteousness of God
LV. Call thou to Remember Land
LVI. Let nothing Grieve Thee Land
LVII. When thou art Departed Out
LVIII. Call thou to mind that
LIX. Every Unbiased Observer will
LX. My Captivity can bring on Me
LXI. World in Travail, Agitation
LXII. Recall My Sorrows, Cares
LXIII. Thou whose Face is Turned
LXIV. It is Our wish to Remember
LXV. Call to Remembrance thine
LXVI. Fear God Ye Inhabitants/City
LXVII. There hath Appeared in this
LXVIII. O Thou who art Fruit of
LXIX. Recall Behavior of Ashraf’s
LXX. World’s Equilibrium Upset
LXXI. Be not Dismayed, O Peoples
LXXII. Let not Hearts Perturbed
LXXIII. It is clear that when Veils
LXXIV. Every Word.. proceedeth
LXXV. Tear Asunder the Veils
LXXVI. Give ear O My Servant unto
LXXVII. Concerning thy Question
LXXVIII. Question Concern Origin
LXXIX. Question Concern Worlds
LXXX. Thou hast Asked whether
LXXXI. Concerning thy Question
LXXXII. Thou asked Concerning
LXXXIII. The Rational Faculty
LXXXIV. Regard One True God as
LXXXV. My Servants! it Behoveth
LXXXVI. Concerning thy Question
LXXXVII. Regarding thy Question
LXXXVIII. The Essence of Justice
LXXXIX. Know Assuredly that just
XC Whatever is in the Heavens
XCI. The Proofs Demonstrating
XCII. Book of God is Wide Open
XCIII. Every Created Thing is a
XCIV. Concerning thy reference
XCV. Know, According to what
XCVI. Most High is Unceasingly
XCVII. Consider Doubts which
XCVIII. Leaders of Religion! Weigh
XCIX. Men’s belief in God is Dying
C. Voice of the Divine Herald
CI. Purpose Underlying Revelat
CII. Give Hearing Ear, O People
CIII. God through His Tongue
CIV. O Ye Peoples of the World!
CV. O Kings of the Earth! He Who
CVI. All-Knowing Physician hath
CVII. He Who is your Lord, the
CVIII. We have a Fixed Time for
CIX. O Kamal the Heights which
CX. Saith ye Children of Men!
CXI. Contending Peoples of
CXII. Behold the Disturbances
CXIII. Dost thou imagine Minister
CXIV. Hearken, O King Abdu'l-Aziz
CXV. Pen of Revelation, O Dhabih
CXVI. O Kings of Christendom!
CXVII. The Great Being, wishing
CXVIII. Lay not Aside Fear of God
CXIX. O ye Rulers of the Earth!
CXX. Ye Elected Representatives
CXXI. Say O ye that Envy Me and
CXXII. Man the Supreme Talisman
CXXIII. Generations Gone Before
CXXIV. How Wondrous the Unity
CXXV. True Seeker Determineth
CXXVI. Whatever Place Banished,
CXXVII. If it be your Wish to Know
CXXVIII. Say doth it Beseem a Man
CXXIX. 0 Wayfarer in Path of God
CXXX. Be Generous in Prosperity
CXXXI. Pen of the Ancient King
CXXXII. Purpose of One True God
CXXXIII. Ordinances been Sent
CXXXIV. First Duty Prescribed
CXXXV. O Letter of the Living!
CXXXVI. Say Deliver your Souls
CXXXVII. Some regarded it Lawful
CXXXVIII. Thou seest O God/Mercy
CXXXIX. Let thine Ear be Attentive
CXL O Muhammad-Ali! Great is
CXLI. A Book Sent Down unto Men
CXLII. By Beauty Well-Beloved
CXLIII. Blessed art My Servant
CXLIV. Pen of Most High Decreed
CXLV. If ye meet the Abased,
CXLVI. It is Our Wish & Desire
CXLVII. Most Great Name Beareth
CXLVIII. O Salman! all Sages
CXLIX. Should any man Arise
CL When the Victory Arriveth
CLI. Release Selves Nightingales
CLII. Thine Eye is My Trust
CLIII. O Faithful Friend! Quench
CLIV. Warn O Salman, the Beloved
CLV. The First Duty Prescribed
CLVI. He the Eternal Truth hath
CLVII. Forsaken their Country
CLVIII. God hath Prescribed unto
CLIX. Consider Pettiness of men
CLX. He is True Believer in Unity
CLXI. Gird up Loins of Endeavor
CLXII. All-Merciful Conferred
CLXIII. All Praise be to God Who
CLXIV. Members of Human Race!
CLXV. Know Every Hearing Ear
CLXVI. Layeth Claim to Revelation