One Common Faith (quotes):-
Reasons for Confidence:-
Change in Human Consciousness
Posture Reinforced by Assumption
As 20th Century Approached Close
Widespread Revival-Spiritual Search
Reawakened Interest in Religion:-
Interest Gathering Momentum
Most Obvious Cause of Re-Evaluations
Cannot Correct Materialism's Flaws
Consumer Culture by Default
Authority Being Questioned
Unification Affecting Thought
Loss of Faith in Materialism
Spiritual Development & Religion:-
Religion Losing Influence
Problem is Twofold
2nd Barrier to Inherited Beliefs
Dilemma Artificial/Self-Inflicted:-
Misconceptions Abound
Popular Discourse & Religion
Teachings Cut Thru Views
Presume to Judge Messengers
Religion Awakens Soul to Potential
Belief is Thus Necessary
Recurring Proof of God
Common Religious Conceptions:-
Seen as Fundamentally Different
Similar Evolutionary Process
Differing Practices & Oneness
Theological Presumption Detrimental
Theology Constructed Authority
Theological Misunderstandings:-
This Peerless Century
Soul's Understanding of Creator
Succession of Revelations
Recognition; Oneness of Religion
Confusion re Role of Religion:-
Roles of Men & Women
Relations Between Societies
Society - Crime & Punishment
Been the Same in All Religions
Exigencies of New Age Adopted:-
Lack of Moral Conviction
Imagery of the Will of God
Humanity's Collective Affairs
How Goals to be Realized:-
Global Disease is Disunity
Unity & The Human Spirit
Creation of a Global Community
Achievement Calls for Understanding
Cause Able to Maintain Unity
Abandonment of Faith a Paralysis:-
The Problem of Evil
Violations of Peace/Reconciliation
Failure to Meet Challenge
Global Challenges:-
Baha'is & the Lessons of History
Urgency of House Justice Plans
Culture of Systematic Growth
Sharing the Baha'i Message
Distinguishing Feature of Modernity:-
Historical Consciousness
Purpose: Guide Whole Human Race
Service Calls for Understanding
Process Ensures Own Fulfilment