The Peace Compilation (quotes):-
PEACE-Extracts - Bahá'u'lláh:-
Day of God's excellent favours
Godís purpose sending Prophets
All-embracing assemblage of men
Unattainable until Unity established
Establishment of Lesser Peace
Moderation desirable in All Matters
Most Great Peace Enjoined
Take Counsel-Profit Mankind
EXTRACTS Utterances Bahá'u'lláh:-
Words spoken to E. G. Browne
EXTRACTS Writings Abdu'l-Baha
Men-No power establish peace,
Prejudices will bring Wars
Teachings that support Peace
Sovereigns Will Arise
Absence of means prevented unity
Chaos increasing in World
EXTRACTS Utterances Abdu'l-Baha:-
International Unity/Conciliation
Misunderstandings between Nations
America & Most Great Peace
Women & War
Action necessary for Peace
The Most Momentous Question
Same education for man/woman
Man/Woman- Two Wings of Bird
Supreme Tribunal be elected
All Nations Disarm at Same Time
Every century- 1 main problem
EXTRACTS Writings S. Effendi:-
Statesmen not redeem Mankind
Bahá- World Federal System
A world-Shaking ordeal
World Commonwealth destined
Principle- Collective Security
Formative Age of the Faith
EXTRACTS ltrs behalf S. Effendi:-
The world is in great turmoil
Peace after recognizing Bahá
Unification Mankind after time
International Executive
Unity in Political Realm
Lessor & Most-Great Peace
Women Arising for Peace
Seven Lights Unit-Order
New Way of Life
EXTRACTS from Letters of UHJ:-
Progress Man is Unification
Unity Nations 20th Century?
EXTRACTS Letters behalf UHJ:-
Bahá Aim to Eliminate War
Nuclear Disarmament
World Gov't Establishment
Bahás not Pacifists
Bahá'u'lláh's Principal Mission