Promised Day is Come (quotes):-
A Tempest is Sweeping Earth
This Judgment of God
What Response to His Call?
Features of This Drama
A World Receded from Him
Recipients of the Message
Tablets to the Kings
The Most Great Law Revealed
Let the Oppressor Desist
God's Vicar on Earth
Humiliation Immediate & Complete
The Rise of Bolshevism
What of Turkey & Persia?
DThe oom of Imperial Turkey
Retribution on the Qajar Dynasty
Decline in Fortunes of Royalty
Crumbling of Religious Orthodoxy
To the Muslim Ecclesiastics
Falling Fortunes of Shi'ih Islam
Collapse of the Caliphate
Warning Unto All Nations
The Continuity of Revelation
The Three False Gods
God's Purpose
The Great Age to Come
Religion & Social Evolution
The Wider, Inclusive Loyalty
World Commonwealth