Some Ans Questions 2014 (index)
Author's Preface to First Edition
Part 1 - Prophets in Human Evolution:-
Nature: One Universal Law
Proofs for the Existence of God
The need of an Educator
The Báb
Proofs from Sacred Scriptures
Commentary Revelation Chap11
Commentary Isaiah Chap11
Commentary Revelation Chap12
Material/Spiritual Cycles
True Felicity
Part 2 - Some Christian Subjects:-
Reality Expressed thru Sensible Forms
The Birth of Christ
The Greatness of Christ
True Baptism
Baptism & Changing Law of God
The Bread and the Wine
The Miracles of Christ
The Resurrection of Christ
Holy Spirit Descent on Apostles
The Holy Spirit
2nd Coming of Christ/Judgement
The Trinity
The Pre-existence of Christ
Sin and Atonement
Adam and Eve
Blasphemy against Holy Spirit
Many Called, Few Chosen
The "Return" of the Prophets
Peter and the Papacy
Free Will & Predestination
Part 3 - Powers/Conditions of Manifestations:-
The Five Kinds of Spirit
Connection; God & Manifestations
3 Stations of Divine Manifestations
Human/Divine Station of Manifestation
Knowledge of Divine Manifestations
Universal Cycles
Power/Perfections of Manifestations
The Two Kinds of Prophets
Rebukes of God to the Prophets
The Most Great Infallibility
Part 4 - Origin/Powers/Conditions of Man:-
Evolution & True Nature of Man
Universe Origin/Evolution of Man
Difference of Man and Animal
Evolution & Existence of Man
Proofs of Originality of Man
Appearance of Spirit, Mind in Man
Appearance of Spirit in the Body
Connection of God & His Creation
Procession; Human Spirit from God
Spirit, Soul, and Mind
Outward & Inward Powers of Man
Differences in Human Character
Extent of Human Comprehension
Man's Comprehension of God
Immortality of Spirit (1)
Immortality of Spirit (2)
Infinite Perfections in Next World
Things Progress within Own Degree
State of Man/Progress after Death
Faith and Works
Subsistence of Soul after Death
Eternal Life-Enter Kingdom/God
Two Kinds of Fate
Star Influence/Things Interconnected
Free Will and its Limits
Spiritual Disclosures
Healing without Medicine
Healing by Material Means
Part 5 - Miscellaneous Subjects:-
On Good and Evil
Two Kinds of Torment
Justice and Mercy of God
The Punishment of Criminals
Reality of the World of Being
Pre-existence and Origination
The Unity of Existence
Four Criteria of Comprehension
Good Deeds & Their Prerequisites