World Peace Inevitable (quotes):-
The Future Commonwealth
A Charter for the Future World
The Role of the United States
The Role of the Bahá'ís
Bahá'í Faith & World Remedies
Bahá'í Faith & Politics
The Coming Chaos Defined:-
War, Chaos & Confusion
Economic Anarchy & Strife
The Cause of Strife
Managing the Coming Chaos:-
Bahá'í Insight: World Condition
World Peace in Reach of Nations
Reassessing Mankind's Predicament
Religion in World Peace Process
Fresh Effort to Solve World Problems
Peace on a Universal Framework
Required Consciousness: Oneness
World Order; Stages in Politics
Time Now for World Peace Meeting
Goal: to Unite Peoples in One Family
The Inherent Oneness of all People
Bahá'í as example of Enlarged Unity