Bahá'u'lláh Action of
Accord for Religion and Science
Began the Cycle where the Kingdom "Comes"
Bore ordeals for mankind
Came to Manifest the Cause
Calls us as noted
Consented to persecution; reason for
Describes the Kingdom revealed
Didn't merely give laws
Embodied the "Book of God"
Guides and protects us
Has come; the Spirit of Truth
Holds the destiny of mankind in His Hand
Shows how we enter the Kingdom
Offers freedom from the World
Restated all past Religions
Resuscitated spirits as noted
Reveals the mysteries of God's Cause
Spoke only what God desired
Suffered, and controls Man's destiny
Teaches us how to pray
Teaches ways to remove hostility
Unveiled reality, proved Himself
Unveiled the World of Divinity
Urges abandoning past Revelations
Voices God's Word and testimony
Bahá'u'lláh described
Was awakened; told to proclaim Religion
Was directed by Divine guidance
Had no will but God's Will
Is the Promised One of all nations
The Universal Manifestation of this cycle
Was like others untill God taught
Only purpose; to convey the Word
Spoke only as God permitted
Was the form that the Book of God was sent thru
Spiritual awakening
Authority was by God's Word
Books number over 100
Challenges and promises
Made Covenant regarding the next Revealer
His book, Hidden Words, recommended
His part in Progressive Revelation
Power and authority; proof of
Reward for following His precepts
Rewards for accepting Him
His Spirit is the Holy Spirit
His spirit is to be expressed in our lives
Learn teachings; become God's servant
His teachings are the same as prior religions
He is the Word of God; fully Manifested