The Concourse Above
Comments: Kingdom of Departed Souls
Communication in the Next World
Comparison; Next World; Exiting Womb
Eternal Life Conferred by Next World
Existence is Absolute
Believers destiny described here
Believers to occupy loftiest place
Communication between bahais
Judged by deeds; not by education etc
Kingdom of
Loved ones should be prayed for
Power of spirit is more without body
Punishments described
Rewards described
Afterward; estimate worth of deeds
Sins of; can be pardoned by God
Life-After; Action Regarding; 9
Cease to progress there equals decline
To develop endless perfections there
Evolution in; is spiritual
Look toward as to end of any journey
Prepared for; by seven attributes
Progress in; all people have hope of
Progress in; thru Bounty of God
Progress in; is through God's grace
Soul sink to depths of self if fail in God
Life-After Described; 19
An infinitude of glorious worlds
Ascendancy; influence beyond earth
Certain; no proof of non-existence
Cup that death proffers
Described; for believers and not
Everlasting life awaits us
Glimpses of Kingdom by Bahá'u'lláh
Is beyond imagining, is divine
Life eternal bestowed by religion
Relative deadness for the deprived
Soul assumes form befitting it
Soul in God's mercy
Soul is rewarded with perfections
Soul makes progress in perfections
Soul retains purity attained here
Soul retains purity attained here
Standards of; on the Day of Judgment
You will still by you
Mansions Ordained in the Next Realm
Next World; 2
Continuation of this life; without limits
Is world of sanctity and radiance