Communication with God is Available
Appetites, senses; one should control
Can't know divinity without faith
Effort of; promotes civilization
Enables man to control nature
Given man to advance civilization
Given; that man may receive light
Gives understanding; visible things
Higher; generated by prayer
Illumined by spirit via soul
Intelligence & spirit characterize man
Intellection; a material power
Intellectualizing not develop the soul
Is a power of the soul
Is the greatest gift (understanding)
Man: crowning point of creation
Man has; nature lacks
Material; to be overruled by spirit
Perceptible to; spiritual beings are
Perfections of; are man's gift
Power of; fortify with Holy Spirit
Purpose of
Reality of man is honored with
Reveals secrets only of matter
Reveals secrets only of matter
Rationality; Actions; Attributes
Disputations with infidels; avoid
Generates mind; intellectual being
Ideas from; don't satisfy soul
Ideas; new; testify to new revelation
Power of ideation is material
Powers of mind; five inner; five outer
Rationality; Reality of
Center of intellection
Created to know of reality
Is a power of the human reality
Is knowing power of human nature
Limited power is bad vision; see evil
Mental faculties inherent in soul
Not dependable; thoughts often wrong
Purpose; to investigate reality
Rational faculty; a basic endowment
Reasoning power lacking in infants
Signs of mind etc; must mature
World higher than; should aspire to
Rationality; World of
Attribute of intellect; needs Holy Spirit
Balance of; weigh religion in
Leads to truth when premises true
Power of; is an endowment from God
Power of; is absent in infancy
Power of; proves existence of the soul
Reconciled with religion; must be
Swallowed by leviathan of love
Earthly; look higher than
Engrossed in praising God/material
Expressed and unexpressed in action
Human thoughts often untrue
In Kingdom; man knows perpetual joy
New; is prevailing; shall improve
New; testifies to new Revelation
Obscure; produce satanic knowledge
Of death to be abandoned
Of love can produce great results
Of unity useless unless take action
Philosophy will not change a People
Some are like waves; have no result
Thoughts of past are useless
Thoughts are metamorphosed
Determines man's development
Intensifies animal feelings
Is to soul as foliage is to tree
Power of; makes man above animal
Should soar; or grow more material
Should soar; or grow more material
Thinking can be physical action
Waves from; create thought in others
World of; affected by Manifestation