J- Bible:
JAMES(1) Apostle:
Son of Zebedee and Salome
Brother of John, and a fisherman
Called to be an apostle
Surnamed Boanerges by Jesus
JAMES(1) with Jesus: In Gethsemane
At the great draught of fish
At healing of Peter's mother-in-law
At raising of daughter of Jairus
At the transfiguration of Jesus
Asks Jesus re His second coming
Bigotry of
Civil ambitions of
When Jesus revealed Self/disciples
JAMES(2) Apostle, son of Alphaeus
JAMES(3) Brother of Jesus:
Identified as a brother
The brother of Judas
The brother of Joses
Witness of Christ's resurrection
Addresses the council at Jerusalem
Disciples sent by, to Antioch
Hears of success of Paul's ministry
Epistle of James
City of David
City of God
City of the Great King
City of Judah
Perfection/Beauty, Joy/whole Earth
The Throne of the Lord
Holy Mountain
Holy City
City of Solemnities
City of Truth
'The Lord Our Righteousness'
New Jerusalem
Situation and appearance of
Walls of
Gates of: Old/Fish/Sheep/Prison
Gate of Ephraim
Gate of Benjamin
Gate of Joshua
Old Gate
Corner Gate
Valley Gate
Dung Gate
Gate of the Fountain
Water Gate
Horse Gate
King's Gate
Shallecheth Gate
High Gate
East Gate
Miphkad Gate
Middle Gate
First Gate
JESUS; The Return of ( Bahá'í ):
Understanding Prophecy
JESUS; The Return of ( Christian ):
Temptation of Jesus
JESUS; History of:
Genealogy of
The angel Gabriel appears to Mary
Mary visits Elizabeth (Jerusalem)
Mary's magnificat (Jerusalem)
An angel appears to Joseph re Mary
Birth of (Bethlehem)
Angels appear to the shepherds
Magi visit (Bethlehem)
Circumcision of (Bethlehem)
Is presented in the temple
Flight into/return from Egypt
Disputes doctors in the temple
Is baptized by John (Jordan)
Temptation of (Desert of Judea)
John's testimony concerning Him
Testimony of John the Baptist
Disciples adhere to
Miracle at Cana of Galilee
Drives money changers out
Nicodemus comes to (Jerusalem)
Baptizes (Aenon)
Returns to Galilee
Teaches the Samaritan woman
Teaches in Galilee
Heals a nobleman's son
Is rejected by people of Nazareth
Chooses Peter, Andrew, James, John
Preaches throughout Galilee
Heals a demoniac (Capernaum)
Heals Peter's mother-in-law
Heals a leper in Galilee
Heals a paralytic (Capernaum)
Calls Matthew (Capernaum)
Heals a man on the Sabbath day
Defines the law of the Sabbath
Heals a withered hand
From Capernaum to Sea of Galilee
Ordains twelve disciples (Galilee)
Delivers the 'Sermon on the Mount'
Heals the servant of the centurion
Raises the son of the widow of Nain
Receives message/John the Baptist
Upbraids unbelieving(Capernaum)
Anointed by a sinful woman
Preaches in the cities of Galilee
Denounces scribes/Pharisees
Scribes and Pharisees seek a sign
Denounces Pharisees/hypocrites
Discourses to His disciples
Parable of the barren fig tree
Parable of the sower (Galilee)
Parable of the tares/other teaching
Crosses Sea/Galilee,stills tempest
Miracle of the swine (Gadara)
Returns to Capernaum
Eats/publicans/sinners/re fasting
Raises daughter/heals woman
Heals blind men/casts dumb spirit
Returns to Nazareth
Teaches various cities in Galilee
Instructs His disciples
Herod falsely supposes Him John
He goes to desert/feeds 5,000
Walks on the sea (Galilee)
Teaches in synagogue (Capernaum)
Disciples forsake Him (Capernaum)
Justifies eating/not washing hands
Heals the daughter of woman
Heals a dumb man (Decapolis)
Feeds four thousand
Refuses to give a sign to Pharisees
Cautions His disciples re hypocrisy
Heals a blind man (Bethsaida)
Foretells His death and resurrection
Is transfigured
Heals demoniac (Caesarea Philippi)
Foretells His death and resurrection
Miracle money in the fish's mouth
Reproves ambition of His disciples
Reproves intolerance of disciples
To Jerusalem/Feast of Tabernacles
Commissions the seventy (Samaria)
Heals ten lepers
Teaches at the Feast of Tabernacles
Parable of the good Samaritan
Hears the report of the seventy
Teaches Mary,Martha,Lazarus
Teaches His disciples to pray
Heals a blind man excommunicated
Teaches in Jerusalem
Teaches in the temple at Jerusalem
To Bethabara to escape from rulers
To Bethany/Lazarus from dead
Escapes to the city of Ephraim
Jerusalem to attend Passover
Dines with Pharisee on the Sabbath
Teaches conditions of discipleship
Teaches with Four Parables(Peraea)
Reproves hypocrisy of the Pharisees
Parable of the rich man and Lazarus
Teach offenses,meekness,humility
Teaches the coming of His kingdom
Teaches three parables (Peraea)
Interprets law re marriage/divorce
Blesses little children (Peraea)
What to do to inherit eternal life
Teaches the parable of the vineyard
Foretells His death and resurrection
Listens to mother of James and John
Heals two blind men (Jericho)
Visits Zacchaeus
Teaches the parable of the pounds
To Bethany 6 days before Passover
Triumphal entry into Jerusalem
Enters the temple
Drives money changers out
Heals the infirm in the temple
Teaches daily in the temple
Causes barren fig tree to wither
Enunciates the parable of two sons
Parable of the wicked husbandmen
The parable of the marriage
The duty of a citizen to government
Tried re resurrection of the dead
Also tried by a lawyer
Hypocrisies of scribes and Pharisees
Extols casting 2 mites in treasury
Verifies prophecy of Isaiah
Foretells destruction of Jerusalem
Laments over Jerusalem
Parables of 10 virgins/the talents
Foretells scenes of day of judgment
Anointed with precious ointment
The sacrament of the holy eucharist
Washes the disciples' feet
Foretells His betrayal
Accuses Judas of his betrayal
Promises gift of the Holy Spirit
Last prayer (Jerusalem)
Repairs to Gethsemane
Is betrayed and apprehended
Trial of, before Caiaphas
Tried by the council
Led by the council to Pilate
Arraigned before Herod
Tried before Pilate
Mocked by the soldiers
Is led away to be crucified
Taken from the cross and buried
Arises from the dead
Is seen of Peter
Appears to 2 on journey to Emmaus
Appears to disciples/Thomas absent
Appears to disciples/Thomas there
Appears to disciples Sea of Galilee
Appears to 500 on mountain/Galilee
Appears to all the apostles
Ascends to heaven (Bethany)
Appears to Paul
Appears to John on Patmos
Miscellaneous facts: Brethren of
Sisters of
With Israelites in the wilderness
Invoked as: Jehovah
The eternal God and Creator
The mighty God
The great God and Savior
God over all
King of kings and Lord of lords
The Holy One
The Lord from heaven
Lord of the Sabbath
Lord of all
Son of God
The only begotten Son of the Father
His blood called the blood of God
One with the Father
Send the Spirit equally with Father
As unsearchable equally with Father
As Creator of all things
Supporter/preserver of all things
Kingdom of: Its nature
Miracles of Jjesus: Water to wine
Heals the nobleman's son
First miraculous draught of fishes
Demoniac in the synagogue healed
Heals Simon's wife's mother
Heals diseases in Galilee
Miracles at Jerusalem
Cleanses the leper
Heals the paralytic
Heals the impotent man
Restores the withered hand
Heals multitudes from Judah, etc
Heals the centurion's servant
Heals demoniacs
Raises the widow's son
Heals in Galilee
Heals a demoniac
Stills the tempest
Healing in the land of Gennesaret
The demoniacs in Gadara healed
Raises Jairus's daughter
Heals woman with issue of blood
Opens eyes of 2 blind men in house
A devil cast out and a dumb man
Five thousand fed
Heals sick in Galilee
Walking on the sea
Daughter of Syrophenician healed
Healing lame,blind,dumb,maimed
Four thousand fed
One deaf and dumb cured
One blind cured
Lunatic child healed
Money in the fish's mouth
The ten lepers cured
Opening the eyes of one born blind
Raising of Lazarus
Woman with the spirit of infirmity
The dropsy cured
Two blind men cured near Jericho
The fig tree blighted
Healing of Malchus's ear
Second draught of fishes
Vision/they not recognize Him
Appearances and disappearances
Opening understanding of disciples
His ascension
Miracles Performed
Baptism Performed
Remission of Sins
Parables of Jesus: Two debtors
The wise and foolish builders
The rich fool
The servants waiting for their Lord
Barren fig tree
The sower
The tares
Seed growing secretly
Mustard seed
Hidden treasure
Pearl of great price
Unmerciful servant
Good Samaritan
Friend at midnight
Good shepherd
Great supper
Lost sheep
Lost piece of money
The prodigal and his brother
The unjust steward
Rich man and Lazarus
Importunate widow
Pharisee and publican
Laborers in the vineyard
The pounds
The two sons
Wicked husbandmen
Marriage of the king's son
Fig tree leafing
Man taking a far journey
Ten virgins
The vine
General References
Priesthood of Jesus: Is faithful
Appointed and called by God
After the order of Melchizedek
Superior to Aaron/Levitical priests
Consecrated with an oath
Has an unchangeable priesthood
Is of unblemished purity
Needed no sacrifice for Himself
Offered Himself a sacrifice
His sacrifice superior all others
Offered sacrifice but once
Made reconciliation
Obtained redemption for us
Entered into heaven
Sympathizes with saints
On His throne
Appointment of
Typified by: Melchizedek
Aaron and his sons
Jesus predicts: rejection/Jews
His betrayal
His crucifixion
His judgments upon the Jews
Destruction/temple & Jerusalem
The destruction of Capernaum
Persecutions of Christians
His being forsaken by His disciples
Concerning Lazarus
Concerning Peter
Woman who anointed His head
His death and resurrection
His ascension
A man who dwelt in Uz
Righteousness of
Riches of
Trial of, by affliction of Satan
Fortitude of
Replied to by God
Submission of, to God
Later blessings and riches of
Death of
JOHN: 1. The Baptist:
Prophecies concerning
Miraculous birth of
Dwells in the desert
Mission of
Ministry of
His influence upon the public mind
Testifies to messiahship of Jesus
Teaches his disciples: To pray
To fast
Baptizes Jesus
The testimony of Jesus concerning
His ministry not with miracles
Re Herod/imprisoned/beheaded
Sends two disciples to Jesus
Herod falsely supposes Jesus to be
Character of
Jesus discourses upon
Affected by doctrines of stoics?
A Nazarite
2. The Apostle: Close to Jesus
With Jesus: In the garden
Healing Peter's mother-in-law
Raising of the daughter of Jairus
The two draughts of fishes
Intolerance of
Civil ambitions of
Prepares the Passover
JORDAN, a river in Palestine:
Empties into the Dead Sea
John the Baptist Baptizes in
Baptizes Jesus in
JOSEPH: 1. Son of Jacob:
General references
Personal appearance of
His father's favorite child
Jealousy of his brethren
Dreams of his fortunes in Egypt
Sold into Egypt
Reported as killed by wild beasts
Bought by officer of Pharaoh
Is prospered of God
False accused/imprisoned/delivered
Interprets dreams: Of 2 prisoners
Of Pharaoh
New name Zaphnathpaaneah
Promoted/authority next to Pharaoh
Marries daughter of priest of On
Provides against years of famine
Exports the produce of Egypt
Sell food to Egyptians/exacting all
Exempts the priests from exactions
Sent down into Egypt to buy corn
Provides land/Goshen for his people
His two sons
Mourns the death of his father
Pledge/convey remains/Canaan
Death of
His kindness of heart
His integrity
His humility
His wisdom
His piety
His faith
Was a prophet
God's providence with
His sons conjointly called Joseph
Descendants of
6. Husband of Mary:
His genealogy
Angel tells/innocency/his betrothed
Dwells at Nazareth
Belongs to the city of Bethlehem
Goes to Bethlehem to be enrolled
Jesus born to
Presents Jesus in the temple
Returns to Nazareth
Warned in dream/escape to Egypt
Warned in dream/return Nazareth
Attends feast/Jerusalem with family
7. Of Arimathaea. Begs body/Jesus
8. Three ancestors of Joseph
9. Called BARSABAS, 1 of 2 re Judas
10. A designation: 10 tribes/Israel
1. The religion of the Jews
2. A corrupt form of Christianity?
JUDAS: 1. Surnamed Iscariot:
Chosen as an apostle
Treasurer of the disciples
Covetousness: Breaks box ointment
Betray Jesus for a sum of money
His apostasy
Betrays the Lord
Returns money to rulers of the Jews
Hangs himself
Prophecies concerning
2. One of the 'brethren' of Jesus
3. Brother of James,writer of Jude
4. An apostle
5. Of Galilee/stirred up sedition
6. A disciple who entertained Paul
7. Surnamed Barsabas, a Christian
General references
Eli judged Israel
Samuel as judge
The sons of Samuel
General references
Of Christ