Manifestation(s); Actions of
Have distinct message; reveal Self
Brought to all; message of love
Brought us religions
Embody Holy Spirit; will; cause of God
Enlighten man to choose wisely
Heard accents of God Himself
Manifest all Truth
Proclaim same reality
Reflect God's Will and Purpose
Shine like sun; yet light is doubted
Teach man to check natural impulses
Teach the Science of Reality
Become aware of God to experience
Manifestation; Action; Attr in Rltn to
Effect on creation; undeniable
Is summoned by God
Knowledge of; sole knowledge of God
Needed to bring God & man in contact
Reality revealed through; by God
Recognition of; God's greatest gift
Sent periodically; hour struck
Manifestation; Attributes of
Consciousness described
Distinction between; none
Divine inspiration moves them
Divine intellectual power is theirs
Knowledge described
New message for each; same faith
Three planes
Utterance always suits conditions
Vision takes in all
Unlike men; reveal Gods purpose
Will of; absolutely submissive to God
Manifestation; General
Five named
Establish covenants
Manifestations; Power and Purpose
Affect mind and thoughts
Commissioned to cleanse hearts
Commissioned to enlighten man
Enabled to unravel divine mysteries
Function; to reveal divine purpose
Means for God to reveal reality
Spirit is the degree of Holy Spirit
Purpose and power same as God's
To be seen to face His reality
Purpose; to clarify meanings
Purpose; to teach righteousness
Awakens seeker when he has certitude
Manifestation; Reality Described
All are exponents of one Cause
All express one Truth
Equals love; spiritual outpourings
Centers of light and reality
Defined; enlighteners of mankind
Defined; ONE; as their cause is same
Doctors for mankind's diseases
Educator needed by man
Father; God manifested in man
Does not share God's existence
Foundation of religion; Oneness
Generated by operation of God's will
Incarnate kingdom of utterance
Inspired pen to teach man
Like lamp; giving light
Likened to sun in relation to earth
Means of Gods revealing reality
Nature described
Objective of reality
Origin of reality
Origin; life; objective; nature clear
Perfect; manifests divine attributes
Presence of; is presence of God
Proved as light proves sun
Is intermediary; Manifestation of God
Servants of God
Servants of reality; teach its science
Manifest to link God and man
Source of His spirituality; knowledge
Sun of Truth; life-giver to souls
Universal mind; described
Word made flesh
Word made flesh
Appears again now
Has risen shedding light of unity
In thought world is Word of God
Is to soul what sun is to body
Obscured by human imaginations
Radiance of dispels darkness/vices
Reflected by perfect Man
Reflection; dispels nature's darkness
Rises in East; Revelation develops in West
Many Rays, but always same Light
Shines always from the East first
Shines in heart that is cleansed
Shines in mirror; facing Sun of Truth
Sign of; is outer sun