Religious Education
Frees from imperfections of nature
Given by Manifestation for virtues
Spirituality; morality; idealism
Needs to be revised
Redeems from defects of nature
Greatest; is God's bestowal; religion
Human and divine; defined
Moral; given by religion
True: God chooses us to spread
Good and Evil
Sin defined
Awareness of; essential to soul
Choice of; belongs to man
Discriminate between; animals can't
Evil in man described
Evil is non-existence of good
Evil is only from man
Evil makes good known
Good exists; evil is non-existent
Goodness not same as spirituality
How can evil be in divine creation?
Limitation proves unlimited; etc
Lower nature makes man subject to sin
May God draw us from evil desire
No evil in creation
'noble I created thee'
Opposites; things known by
Perfect; all things created so
Perfection; imperfection; man between
Reality of evil explained
Relation of good things can be evil
Right is for soul to control body
Righteous acts and covetousness
Seekers vs the wayward and perverse
Seekers distinguished from others
'seemingly fair; inwardly foul'
Sins born of materialistic nature
Sources of each; named
Straying shows God's forgiveness
Wrong uses of power mentioned
Is spirit of whatever grows
Power of is vegetable spirit
Virtues; attain via divine education
Advancement of soul; thru suffering
Aspirations fed by lower nature; bad
Aspirations must ascend
Perfections makes man useful
Body needs food; soul Holy Spirit
Passion leads to destruction
Civilization progress thru knowledge
Civilization; man created to advance it
Civilization; material and divine; unite
Compared to tree
Culture/education cause soul unfold
Effect of intoning the revealed words
Embryonic growth of body and soul
Emerging of trust of God described
Evolution after death; nearer to God
Evolution is spiritual after death
Evolution is spiritual after death
Evolution; this life to prepare for next
Fail in allegiance to God described
Fly to realms of mystic holiness
Growing worse caused by self-love
In divine world thru bounty of God
Intellect and understanding develop
Living by revelation urged; effect
Man ascends by own powers
Man's caused by material; spiritual
Man's determined by how he thinks
Mind; spirit imperfect in infancy
Moral development cause by religion
Of new world order; toward perfect
Of soul is independent of body
Over-indulgence vs soul growth
Potentiality manifest via volition
Potentialities; must manifest now
Progress before and after death
Progress; in perfections after death
Progress thru bounty of God, prayer
Progress thru stages and degrees
Progress of world aided by religion
Purpose of lives; to acquire virtues
Realizing possibilities through grace
Requires that body be controlled
Rise to what you were created for
Senses lead to expression of life
Soul grows from seed
Soul growth only toward God
Soul passes through earthly conditions
Soul progresses after death
Soul progresses on road to divinity
Soul gains qualities of worlds lived
Soul; like seed; must grow
Spiritual growth described
Spiritual progress; word of God only
Spiritual to over-rule material forces
Veils of satanic self must be burned
Virtues inspired by Holy Spirit
What man is; by what power dominates
Gift conferred
Bahaullah asked us to be signs of
Illumination from; as described
Light from Manifestation in hearts as
Promised by Jesus
All in; is pervaded by will of God
Dependent on God for its existence
Held in Gods grasp
Law of is love; as in New Order
On earth is Kingdom revealed
Unveiled by Bahaullah
Hell; all Evil from Man
Kingdom; Action; Attributes of
Changes in described
Citizens become if deny self; obey
Divine bestowals in; are infinite
Doors are open; seek its treasures
Everlast bounty; pure hearts share
Graces of; earn by capacity for love
Has neither beginning nor end
Lights and mysteries of; seen
Materiality is its outer expression
Mysteries of; are in man
Realities of; known only through faith
Realities of; manifest in the hearts
Realities of; manifest in the hearts
Song of; first heard in East
Spiritual Kingdom revealed
Way to is religion, Manifestations
Work here is same as departed souls'