Holy Spirit:-
Eternal Light from the Manifest World
Highest Plane of the Manifestation
Blessing for man; without, man is brutal
Blessing of; needed in heart, soul
Bounty of God; rays from Manifestation
Bounty of God; rays from Manifestation
Breath of; brings out spirituality
Breath of; brings spirit of faith
Breath of; is comforter and aid
Breath of; is love
Breath of; vivifies souls; action
Breathings of; are divine virtues
Breathings of; bade give revelation
Breezes of; will inspire whole world
Causes spiritual brotherhood
Causes unity mankind, human spirit
Commune intimately with
Confers new life on seeker
Denial of; in man with material things
Educates man; makes him powerful
Effect on mankind is dynamic
Enables man to perceive reality
Energizing factor in life of man
Enlightens intellect; gives powers
Enlightens man's intelligence
Fortifies soul as is needed
Gives power/thought; teaches virtue
God's spirit breathed into Pen
Greatest power in Manifestations
Help of; to free men from passions
In Christ described
Inspires teachers today
Inspires human virtues
Intermediary between God/creation
Is absolute knowledge; love of God
Is energizing factor in life of man
God's spirit; making a Manifestation
Highest degree of spirit; Manifestation
Knowledge and love of Manifestations
Man must be 'fortified' by
Influence minds, hearts through effort
Only source of spiritual development
Power felt as selflessness grows
Power of; need for serenity of soul
Power that makes man heavenly
Power in Christ's disciples
Proclaimed revelation of Bahá'u'lláh
Quickens by its vitalizing power
Rays emanate from Manifestation
Stirs divine motives; spirituality
Strengthens us; Bahá'u'lláh pray for
Teaches values; quickens souls
Vitalizes souls
Without blessings; body would be inert
Without power of; man not progress
Kingdom called into being
Kingdom called into being
Who are these Universal Prophets?
World known only through revelation
World manifested by God
Many Inhabitants of Manifest World
Our Realm Dependant/Manifest World
We Should React to Manifest World
Why be Concerned with Manifestation?
Will-of-God; Actions of:-
Caused creation to exist
Conditions the virtue of all acts
Control by; causes shift from self
Operated to generate Manifestations
Sends God's commands, providence
Will-of-God; Act, Attr in Rltn to:-
Acceptance voluntary; is man's glory
Acknowledgment of; blessed one
Cannot be deterred
Conforming to; we should ever be
Contentment in; source of all good
Desired by Bahá'u'lláh
Established by God
Man's actions should be in accord with
Merge man's will, union with God
Opposed by man; hence no peace
Reflected in Manifestations
Rejected for personal desires
Revealed only through His will
Service of; become captives in
Submission to; entrance into Kingdom
Submission to; Kingdom citizens
Submission to; release from snares
Submission to; shows understanding
Surrender self to; pray to
Will-of-God; Attributes of:-
First choice; work for cause of God
Free; he does what he pleases
Leaf in winds of; is Bahá'u'lláh
Wind of; stirred by Bahá'u'lláh
Will-of-God; Reality of:-
First will and first mind are one
Law of reality; through divine mind
Is one with will of Manifestations
Word-of-God; Action; Attr in Rltn to:-
Capacity for; man's endowment
Conveyance of; Baha's sole purpose
Ears should hear
Glorification of; purpose of Manifestations
Has been explained
Heard by Manifestations
Hearing; requires open ears
Promotion of; source of courage
Relation; none with those it created
Revealed fully through Bahá'u'lláh
To be heard; stop ears to all else
Understanding of; needs purity of heart
Understanding; lack of; is oppression
Word-of-God; Action of:-
Affirms Bahá'u'lláh's authority
Brought creation into being
Causes believers to soar
Causes excellence of all things
Generated all motion
Manifested as God wills
Penetration of; described
Quickens souls
Regenerates ethics, etc
Revolutionized entire creation
Set heart of world afire
Set heart of world afire
Splits asunder imagination
Summons mankind; elixir's power
Teaches man what he knows not
Transports spirits
Word-of-God; Attributes of:-
Energies of; generates motion
First call; revolutionized creation
Letter of; one; power of; told
Mysteries of; unveiled
Standard of; lifted in creation
Word-of-God; Potential, Purpose:-
Can change satanic strength
Endowed with capacity for change
Can disclose force hidden in men
Potent to instill new life
Power like that of the sun
Word-of-God; Reality of:-
Book is proof of Manifestation
Book is sent down in form of youth
Book to follow; religion results
City of certitude is
Endowed with energies
Expression of infinite meanings
Inner meaning is a sanctuary
Is basis of all religion
Is summoning mankind; book is open
Is sun illumining thought and morals
Made flesh is Manifestation
Manifestation's word is
Only source of knowledge of soul
Was 'in the beginning'