Christian Cautions
•Not Rightly Divide Word of truth
•Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees
•Why Jesus taught in Parables
•Christians to Introduce Heresies
•False Prophets Will Appear
•Christians may Loose Steadfastness
•Anti-Christs already here
•There must be Heresies Among you
•Another Gospel Preached
•All in Asia turned away
•Exhorted all to say same thing
Is Jesus really God?
•Jesus Is and Is Not God
•What Jesus Said and Did
•Jesus greater than Moses?
Is Christianity Corrupt?
•Some obviously have taught Myths
•Denominations teach differently
•Do Churches hold to Paul's teachings?
Hidden Mysteries
•Jesus' teachings are Hidden Manna
•Paul wants words spiritually discerned
•Christians will follow Mythology
•Fleshly Interpretation leads to Death
•Literal Kills, Spiritual gives Life
•Spirit that gives Life, flesh no avail
The Great Apostacy
•Christians will betray each other
•Will come a Great Falling Away
•Christians will be asleep and dead
•Caught up together in the air
•To be aroused from sleep Now?
•As those who are alive from dead
•Let the Dead bury the Dead
•Gospel preached to those dead
Christians Fallen-Away?
•Christians to use Paul's gospel
•Test if "in the Faith"
•Parable of Two Servants