What were Christians Expecting?:-
•What be the sign of Your coming?
•A time of Great Tribulation
•Many Christians will "Fall-Away"
•Christians will be asleep and dead
•Ye must be "born again"
•We should not sleep as the rest do
•Even Jesus slept physically
•Parable of the 10 virgins
•Depart from me, I never knew you
To Come from Heaven:-
•Jesus from Heaven the 1st Time
•Spirit (Spiritually) gives Life
•I the Lord do not change
•Not variable, nor shadow
•Messengers always come as children
Thief in the Night:-
•None know when Son of Man come
•At hour when you do not expect
•Like a Thief in Night
•Knowledge to be greatly increased
Expectations in Other Religions:-
•Some Expectations of Others