Baha'i Faith's Own Prophecies:
Historical Prophecies; 16
The Fall of Napoleon
The Defeat of Germany
The Success of Queen Victoria
Sultan & Minister of Turkey warned
Breakup of the Ottoman Empire
Downfall of the Persian Monarch
Constitutional Government for Persia
Massive decline in World Monarchy
End of Caliphate & World Ecclesiastics
Communism; its Rise and Fall
Rise of Israel as Jewish Homeland
Jewish Persecution & Israel Homeland
America's Racial Struggles
Baha'u'llah's Release from Prison
Destruction of Baha'u'llah's House
Lack of Schism in Baha'i Faith
Scientific Prophecies; 10
Explosion of Scientific Progress
Development of Nuclear Weapons
Transmutation of Elements & the Peril of
That Complex Elements Evolve
Planets; a product of Star formation
Space Travel
Some Cancers are Communicable
Missing Link is not to be Found
Ether as an Abstract Reality
No Mechanical Model of Universe
Unfulfilled Prophecies; 3
America Enjoined by Baha'u'llah
Whole World will become Baha'i
Wars, then World Peace foretold