Additional Bahai Comments; 3
a definition of Bahais
the purpose of life for a Bahai
Bahai View of Mankind
Some Basic Concepts; 4
religion is one
revelation; two parts of
progressive revelation; truth relative
Manifestations; infallibility of
Other Teachings; 15
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baptism - required for salvation?
capacity of men to recognize God
divine assistance path thru others
heaven and hell defined
how to obtain faith; the hidden/seen
how matter is formed; proof of God
importance of races; not prejudice
life after death; progress for all
non existence of evil
man's goodness; Satan/evil forces
purpose of the human body
revelation taught to departed souls
soul not overtaxed; God not unjust
spirit world in different universe
spirit world; no real separation from
unity of mankind
Regarding Prophets; 13
Messianic Prophet Defined
Equality of the Prophets
Three Kinds of Prophets Defined
Why Prophets Come
Divine Qualities in Life Lived
How They manifest forgiveness, etc
How They mainifest God's Soverency
How They manifest God's Love
How They manifest God
How Their Suffering is Different
How Theys reveal Truth via Sacrifice
How Christ is Pefect for All Time
Muhammad prophesied in the Bible
Regarding Religion; 4
Baha'i Principles
Baha'u'llah Came for All
Men's Ability to Save Souls
Equality of Women
Regarding the Bible; 3
Reliability of Bible
Quranic View of Bible
Text Not Altered as Claimed
Some Additional Info; 12
"Branch"; Prophecies regarding
"Terrible Events", "Vineyard parable"
Bahá'u'lláh Descended from Abraham
Jesus ascended the throne at Ridvan
Expected by the German Templars