Manifestation; 10
consequences of renewal
dual station of
the next is to appear after 1000 years
Bahaullah in the prophetic line
prevailing conditions at the time of
renewal; the next manifestation
all are essentially one
they are recurring
are unchanged when called
why should we know them?
Religion; 11
Bahai; is a religion of the Book
Bahai; is a religion of law
is the glue that holds society together
mysterious connection between them all
no need for organized religion?
we are not compelled; rejection is allowed
unity & the reasons for religious problems
portions are untrue if unscientific
what makes it original
why teachings vary; religious unity
Prophecies of Zoroaster, Moses, & Jesus
Revelation; 3
none is the last one
two types of teachings contained
why they are opposed by divines & their followers