Part 1 Prophets-Human Evolution; 15
Nature: One Universal Law
Evidence of God's existence
The need of an Educator
The Bab
Proofs from the book of Daniel
Revelation Chapter 11
Isaiah Chapter 11
Revelation Chapter 12
Spiritual Proofs
True Wealth
Part 2 Christian Subjects; 20
Forms & Symbols needed
The Birth of Christ
Christ Greatness are His Perfections
Baptism of Christ
Baptism, the necessity of
Bread-Wine symbology
the Resurrection of Christ
Holy Spirit to Apostles
The Holy Spirit
2nd Coming of Christ
The Trinity
John 17:5 Explained
1 Corinthians 15:22 Explained
Adam & Eve
Holy Spirit Blasphemy
Many Called, Few Chosen
"Return" of Prophets
Peter's Faith
Part 3 Conditions-Manifestations; 10
5 Aspects of Spirit
Divinity, how to understand
Manifestations; 3 Stations
Manifestation & Human Condition
Manifestations; Knowledge of
The Universal Cycles
Manifestation's Power & Influence
Prophets; 2 Classes of
Why God Rebukes Prophets
Most Great Infallibility
Part 4 Conditions of Man; 29
Modification of the Species
the Universe & Origin of Man
Man; Animal Difference
Human Race; Development of
Origin of Man is Spiritual
Spirit & Mind, Beginnings of
Why Spirit appears in the Body
God; Creature Relationship
Human Spirit from God
Soul; Spirit; Mind
Physical & Intellectual Powers
Men's Character, Causes of
Knowledge of Man and the Manifestation
Man's knowledge of God
Immortality of the Spirit, 1
Immortality of the Spirit, 2
Perfections without limit
Progress in the Next World
State of Man after Death
the Righteous; Deeds & Rewards
The Soul after Death
Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God
Influence of the Stars
Free Will
Visions and Spirits
Spiritual Healing
Material Healing
Part 5 Miscellaneous; 10
the Nonexistence of Evil
Justice & Mercy of God
the Treatment of Criminals
Strikes by Workers
Reality of the World
Real Pre-existence
4 ways to Acquire Knowledge
Why Follow the Manifestations?