Time in the Physical World; 5
our vision veils origins, objectives of
in light of; patterns and changes seen
is dimension of ages, stages, cycles
look beyond present with eyes of faith
surrounds body as does place
Future; 5
optimism about; urged for youth
seen with eye of faith
seen; 2000 years ahead; by prophets
unveiled only by God
views of; given by religion
Duration; 6
laws fit social requirements
each age has it's own problem
ages of darkness ended
human soul has existed here for
many universal cycles, traces gone
Manifestation every 1000 years
The Present; 12
age; be concerned with its needs
Bahai Cycle; time to recognize God
century; compare it to others
Bahaullah Universal Manifestation
now is time to readjust morals
now is time promised by Prophets
now Sun of Truth reappears
referred to by Jesus
this century is one of new life
this century is one of radiance
this age; Bahaullah's effect upon it
this age; Bahai teachings applicable
References; 8
century of new life (the present)
day & night exist in the Spiritual World
standard of Judgment
every age has its own problems
God has a fixed time for people
Nineteenth Century; Religions of
no man stand in need of neighbor
right time for everything; God's