God; Action in Relation to; 6
personal conceptions are untrue
he who disbelieves is untrustworthy
questions usually can't be answered
rely upon; forget not His Covenant
seen in everything (from Muhammad)
testified to; by every created thing
God; Action of; 19

assists, confirms with Revelation
pray that He may assist us
bade Bahaullah lift voice to all
creation into being with a Word
called Bahaullah into being
called two worlds into being
causes changes in world order now
causes divine inspiration, knowledge
continues to pour out grace to world
never created evil; Satan explained
enjoins upon us what profits us
sins forgiven if control passions
is calling His lovers; inviting them
lighted Lamp of His Cause
manifested Cause; lifted up Word
manifesting and creating described
reveals reality through Manifestations
reveals Self in creation
showers blessings if follow His way
God; Attributes in Relation to; 19

devotion to; is glorious
fear of; to make man victorious
fear of; adorn heads with crown of
fear of; adorn heads w/ ornament of
fear of; is the essence of wisdom
knowledge of; lack of causes faults
knowledge of; only thru Manifestation
knowledge of; through understanding
love each other for His sake
love of; armed with power of, fear not
love of; the spirit in disciples
love of; helped by prayer
love of; is the essence of all religions
love of; makes man pure and holy
love of; teach your mind the science of
praise of; takes away all sorrow
worship; soul is first created thing
worship of; can be of imagination
worship of imagined god; heathenism
God; Attributes of; 27

attributes radiated to man
attributes only; understood
beyond conceiving
divinity reflects in man
exalted above adoration
exalted above humanness; veiled
forgiveness shown through sinners
grace of encompasses all
holy beyond imagination
incomprehensible; highest concept
infinite; timeless; so are His worlds
knowledge; each thing reflects sign
lights of God mirrored in man
love; science of; teach it to your mind
mercy everlasting; fix eyes upon
mercy is waiting to reinforce you
mercy; showers of; purify hearts
never incarnated; exalted
the only absolute existence
personal concept of; untrue
precepts of; ignoring wrongs of self
providence; mercy show in revelation
single; alone; past all knowing
station; may servants know
unparalleled; more perfect than man
ways; His aren't ours
what imagination pictures is untrue
God; Objective Purpose of; 5

purpose reflected by Manifestation
to reveal His handiwork in man
to summon mankind to His Will
purpose must be lived in New World
works and wonders manifested by
God; Reality of; 3

beyond understanding
holy above understanding
not embraced by human understanding