Man; Actions of; 9
acting like beasts unworthy of man
brutal if he rejects the Holy Spirit
following lusts is error
without spiritual education; is a brute
makes nature his servant
doesn't create religion
pursuing passion blinds inner sight
stopping ears to truth causes evil
wrong use of qualities is evil
Man; Attributes of; 22
affected by power of Bahai Cause
animal side; man has, needs education
capable of extremes in virtues & vices
capability to know and love God
divine and human nature compete
energies are latent in man
faculties are directed by soul
filled with Holy Spirit; makes power
gifts of; compared
inspired by Holy Spirit if teach
mysteries of Divine Spirit in man
no freedom from passion without Holy Spirit
peace upon man in path of the Cause
station of; great if firm in the Cause
subject to power of the lusts
superiority is in being a soul
turned always towards the heights
two natures; material and spiritual
two powers; material and spiritual
two sides; animal and angelic
understanding; the first gift of God
wings given for specific purpose
Man; Purpose of; 6
to carry forward civilization
to enjoy divine and material pleasures
to illumine the world
to know and love God
to know and love God
to radiate light to the world
Man; Reality of; 24
at end of darkness & the start of light
believers are like college students<
man is book of certitude
collective center; spiritual forces
compared to animal
contains lower world; superior to it
contrasted with nature
high degree of materiality; low in spirit
highest species; virtues of all classes
in God's image
most noble of created beings
nearest creature to God's nature
only place perfections of the spirit shown
part animal; but thought can lift him
part of nature; but above it
perfect mirror of the Sun of Truth
his reality is not his body
his reality is not his body
is shown proper behavior to check impulses
is a sign of both worlds
is a sign of both worlds
is sum of creation; Manifestation
is sum of perfections; perfect
be ye trustees of God
Rational Man; Action of; 6
action of; helps soul grow etc
action of; is often unproductive
discovers the realities of things
sees action patterns in time
serves, at times, only material life
used wrongly; a worst misuse
Rational Man; Attributes of; 6
appetites of; not to be over-indulged
clouded by changes in dispensations
his outer consciousness called 'mind'
his freedom and mastery over nature
his mortal vision; like a veil
Satan is Lower Nature of man
Satanic; 25
knowledge versus divine knowledge
fancies; setting ones heart on is bad
fancy; regions of; not to be sought
fancy; regions of; not to be sought
fancy; one's heart must be cleansed of
power; let it be overcome
self; must be burned in fire of love
strength changed to heavenly power
bondage to; deliver selves from
captive to self and desire; nations are
captive to; people are held
conquer; prayer asking to
contemplation of; should end
full of; can't hold water of life
leave servants to self; may God not
prison of self
renounce; to enter kingdom revealed
renouncing; only way to peace
sacrifice; in love for others
sacrificing; required
something greater; not self-love
surrender; most exalted station
victim of; soul becomes as described
victory over; gain it
vision confined to; is bad