Body; Action of; 11
alone often acts in material world
assists to develop understanding/love
grows and feels
imitation is animal action-pattern
influences spirit when pure
limits power of soul; is its instrument
lives under the control of the soul
lives under the control of the soul
lives under the control of the soul
has personality; but soul is ok without
thinking is a physical activity
Body; Action; Attributes in Rltn to; 9
affected by soul's grief
broken as cage in valley of knowledge
connected to soul as earth to sun
kingdom is freed from body
possessed by man
right control of; develops character
ruled by soul; reflecting its power
veil can intervene between body & soul
wisdom of spirits appearance in body
Body; Attributes of; 36
brain and nervous system defined
can't live without soul
captive to nature
changes of; do not affect the soul
composed in the most perfect form
composed of atoms
soul acquires perfections in
descent & ascent not properties of soul
elements are magnets for the spirit
gifts of; listed
held by the power of attraction
held by the power of attraction
inferior to the soul
ills no affect soul; limit manifest
perfect creation; a gift; use wisely
is animal in type
animated by soul; without significance
is limited to a place
is one of man's two natures
soul; where mind is developed
is visible; soul is not
like animals
like latern; soul is the light
creation; perfect for it's purpose
like universe; its members are linked
love of is not real love
not evil; makes soul subject to sin
not man's reality
not the substance of man
not the true man; soul is
parts function under essential laws
is animal degree of soul-power
powers created, revealed by God
prenatal life; power of spirit shows
to soul as earth is to sun
when pure; has influence on spirit
Death; 9
applicable to change; not annihilation
avoided in the kingdom as described
ends man's material life pattern
ends soul's prenatal life
is like emerging from womb
at time of; you are still you
concept of annihilation degrades
human consciousness after?
soul at death; victim of self
Desire; 20
impetus to action; motives
do not follow carnal desires
carnal desires are worst punishment
makes captives of non-believers
flame of; destructive as described
freedom from evil desires asked for
hold men captive
human desires rule in human world
like horse out of control; described
lover's; is union with beloved
mundane; who follows is not a Bahai
only those desires of God
realms of; abilities aren't for
realms of; should be escaped
some nations were captives of
veils of; don't be wrapped in
warned against selfish desires
warning re: desires that hinder
Eye; Imperfect Eye sees Imperfections
Freedom from Human World Offered
Horse (symbol of); 4
must be ridden; symbol of control
out of control; desires can be like
passion leads to destruction
Man's Reality; Material Man
Memory; 3
action of described
described; an 'inner' power
with senses; acquaints us with matter
Mind; Action in Relation to; 3
entraps one; teach it love
lacking in infancy
understands not without senses
Mind; 11
defined; man's knowing power
first mind emanated from God
freedom in (mans); mentioned
immaculacy of; gives happiness; honor
impotent to fathom God's secrets
is perfection of spirit; essential
is used (the word) in two ways
light of; is resplendent in world
one meaning of; is consciousness
outward and inward powers of
signs of; show progressively
Mind; Purpose of; 5
is an altar of prayer if spirit free
created to be revealed in man
develop via Bahaullah's suffering
aspire to world above the rational
springing from; is limited knowledge