Emotions Extant; 11
are impetus to action
change as soul develops
intensified by thought; humanness
not changed by religion?
animal feelings described
fear and hate stifle life of the soul
human ones based on self-love
negative ones barred in New World
negative ones; human world is place of
positive bring greatest power; love
spiritual ones based on selfless love
Fear; 2
of death degrading; abandon it
stifles life of soul
Earth Life; Action in Rltn to; 5
enjoyed by one who loves truth
given by divine mercy
given to souls by truth
marked out by Bahaullah; results
sacrificed willingly for love
Earth Life; Attributes & Purpose; 14
begins at time of conception
cause of is love
divine purpose; potentialities of
end of all things; obedience
highest possibilities
non-existent compared to life of soul
excellent with faith
is of two kinds; body and spirit
purpose of; to acquire virtues
purpose of; to know and love God
spirit of; is love
two kinds of being
water of life; room for it if selfless
way of; given by Jesus; is highest
Earth Life; Kinds of; 5
inward; reflects in outward conduct
life of spirit by using soul powers
new; gained by Christs disciples
Bahai community; youth contribute
of man useful if attain perfections
Morality; 2
generated by Manifestation
is result of man's education
Natural; 4
condition; man moving away from
emotions are blameworthy
emotions are blameworthy
Nerves are involved in emotions
Lust; 12
cage; broken in valley of knowledge
carry men away; unaffected by ideals
charger of; dangerous
cleansing heart of; is duty of soul
evil ones warned against
finding joy in; is ignorant
hinder man; may God prevent
like unmanageable horses; described
nations engulfed in; described
opposing ones discussed
rein them in
wolves of; free flocks from