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The scriptures promised that "a virgin shall conceive" and this is what happened, but the New Testament's reference to Joseph not being willing to disgrace her publicly seems to indicate that there was no great sign associated with this miraculous conception, no way for people to know that it was happening, or that it had occurred. The Bible doesn't indicate that the news of the virgin birth was spread to anyone. A crier did not go out through the city, and give the glad tidings of the virgin birth. No. The New Testament clearly indicates that the initial reaction to Mary's becoming pregnant would be the assumption that she certainly was not a virgin. Her own husband needed the reassurance of an angel that she had conceived of the Holy Ghost. In fact, there is no mention that anyone in the community at large was ever told of, or believed in the virgin birth, except Mary's cousin, Elisabeth. After the description of Christ's birth in the Gospels, that is the last we hear of the virgin birth. Not only do we find that knowledge of the virgin birth had not reached the ears of the people, there are clear references that during Christ's ministry, the people assumed that He was the son of Joseph (33:19)

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