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'The ulamas must, therefore, assemble, and, with one accord, choose one miracle, and write that, after the performance of this miracle they will no longer entertain doubts about Me, and that all will acknowledge and confess the truth of My Cause. Let them seal this paper, and bring it to Me. This must be the accepted criterion: if the miracle is performed, no doubt will remain for them; and if not, We shall be convicted of imposture.' The learned man, Hasan Amu, rose and replied, 'There is no more to be said;' he then kissed the knee of the Blessed One although he was not a believer, and went. He gathered the ulama and gave them the sacred message. They consulted together and said, 'This man is an enchanter; perhaps he will perform an enchantment, and then we shall have nothing more to say.' Acting on this belief, they did not dare to push the matter further. (saq 28-30) (11:21)

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