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My reason is that Apocalypse Secrets offers new cogent insights into the mess the world is now in. Its interpretations expose root causes of the serious military and economic events that are exploding fast and furious across our TV screens and front pages of our newspapers every day on a global scale. One way and another, most of these explosions reverberate today's apocalyptic World War III waging between the Muslim Militarism resurging from the Middle East and the Malignant Materialism driving the Christian West and beyond. The forces of Muslim Militarism and Malignant Materialism are as set on finishing each other off as Russian Communism and American Capitalism were during the Cold War. In its wake, the economic world is spiraling the into a Greatest Depression depicted by the fall of Babylon.. (0:12)

What did the Apocalypse Unveil?:-

What prophetic news does the Apocalypse first veil and then unveil? Immediately and topically, the Apocalypse tells the news of the war that Muslim Militarism and Malignant Materialism are now waging and how it has helped trigger the pending Greatest Depression. More long-term and broad, it proclaims the news of the Baha'i Glory Faith. I have written this Baha'i-based interpretation of the Book of Revelation as a friend of the Baha'i Faith. However, I disclaim representing the Faith or its agencies in any official way. Apocalypse Secrets simply presents my own best good-faith interpretation of Revelation based on sources in the canonical Baha'i Writings (0:13)

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