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After these events I see a further Messenger as Baha'u'llah arriving for his Baha'i Faith with immense authority. The globe is lit up by his glory. He cries out as a powerful Proclaimer calling: It is destroyed Monstrous Malignant Materialism is destroyed! (18:1) A3 Vk see orig

It has afforded a front for fiends, a cover for every corrupt crook, and a fašade for every corrupt and vile soul, for all nations have been driven mad by the grip of the fury of its exploitation; the leaders of humanity have been exploiting through it; and the wheelers and dealers of the planet have been profiteering from the enormity of its deliberate waste. (18:2) Vl see orig

Next I further hear God for the Faiths urging: Escape it, my people, lest you get trapped by its evils or lest you suffer its severe lessons, for its very sins have infiltrated My Faiths. But I have called up its crimes. Deal back to it as it itself has dealt out. Deal its double-dealing double according to its dealings devise a double dose of debt for it as the destiny that it has devised. (18:4) Vm see orig

In as much as it has exalted itself and wasted deliberately, inflict on it as much torment and sorrow, for in its soul it boasts:

  • I rule Supreme!
  • I have human partners.
  • I can never fail! (18:7) see orig

    Due to this, its severe lessons have flashed over a single year:

  • Collapse!
  • Suffering!
  • Shortage!
    It is being ferociously destroyed, for powerful am I the Lord God condemning it.
    (18:8) see orig

    You leaders of the planet who have exploited and wasted deliberately through it are groaning and grieving over it as you feel the effects of its destruction, cringing from your guilt for its torment, realizing: Two Warners of an Era of change did warn you monstrous economic system, you powerful system of Malignant Materialism, for this verdict on you has struck in a single blink! (18:9) Vn see orig

    You wheelers and dealers of the globe are sobbing and shrieking over it, for nobody is buying your products any more: Products stinking of wealth and riches, redolent with refined strength and cunning, reeking with affluence and self-righteousness, putrid with opulence and power, every type of matchless material, every kind of rare collectible, and all sorts of priceless furnishing, instrument, machine, and building, delicious spices, tasty treats, erotic fragrances like cologne and perfume, heady wines, sensuous oils, sumptuous fare, select cereals, pedigree meat, and choice cheese; Products like Lear jets and Mercedes limousines; and Products like the bodies and souls of wage-slave humans being toiled away in field, factory, and facility. (18:11) see orig

    Now this rich booty of your own soul's lust has slipped through your fingers. Now all these gorgeous and glittering goods have slid from your grasp! Now you wheelers and dealers in these very products shall never gain them again. (18:14) Vo see orig

    You who have gotten rich from Malignant Materialism are cringing from your guilt for its torment, sobbing and shrieking, realizing: Two Warners of an Era of change did warn you monstrous economic system flaunting self-righteousness, pomp and power, and flashing riches, brute strength, and cunning, for all your wealth has evaporated in a single heartbeat! (18:15) see orig

    Now all you managers, all you people wandering the world for work, you laborers, and all you who toil land, sea, and air, have been laid off. Feeling the effects of its destruction, you are screaming, mocking: What system can match this monstrous system! (18:17) see orig

    You feel humiliated and are screaming, sobbing and shrieking, denouncing: Two Warners of an Era of Change did warn you monstrous economic system in which all owners of trucks and trains, ships and planes, have been profiteering from your extreme wealth, for you have turned to trash in a single flash! (18:19) see orig

    Celebrate over it you One Religion of God, you faithful believers, you spiritual envoys, and you Prophets, for God has condemned it for having condemned you! (18:20) Vp see orig

    The main mighty Messenger Bahá'u'lláh has confronted the massive burden of busywork strangling humanity and is discarding it wisely, declaring: Thus with sudden violence are you, monstrous economic system of Malignant Materialism, being destroyed. You shall never exist again! No concerts or operas, choirs or orchestras, shall ever perform for you again! No specialists in any field shall ever advise you again! No cheap labor shall ever work for you again! No lying publicity shall ever profiteer for you again! No young couples shall ever build their lives around you again. For your wheelers and dealers have risen to run the human race. For all nations have been tricked by your lying charms. (18:21) Vq see orig

    In Malignant Materialism has been rooted the violence done to Prophets, faithful believers, and all the people who have been killed across the planet. (18:24) Vr see orig

    End of Demo - see Notes 'Ax' & 'Am' in Intro (Page 0:1)

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