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Chapter 17 of  17 & 18

These shahs have a single aim. They have devoted their power and authority to brutality. These shahs have fought the Bab. But the Bab has prevailed over them. For he is a Lord of lords and a King of kings. And we his Babi faithful are motivated, select, and true. (17:13) Vh see orig

Continuing, he tells me: The nations, crowds, peoples, and language-groups that you see where seductive greed rules are eleven billion people set to populate the planet. (17:15) see orig

As for the ten rogue Muslim systems that you saw, as well as their brutality, these shall abhor seductive greed. They shall attack and strip it bare, swallow up its wealth, and destroy it ferociously. For Allah is fueling their fanaticism to carry out His plan, to shoot for a single goal, and to commit their sovereign power to brutality until we Speakers for God, the Bab and I, prevail. (17:16) see orig

And the greed that you saw will be the monstrous system that lords it over the leaders of all lands. (17:18) see orig

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