Tablets of Abdu'l-Baha vol II - 'Abdu'l-Bahá
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I have read thy brilliant letter, which although short in words yet [is] loquacious, and shows thy firmness in the Covenant of God, thy steadfastness in the religion of God, thy adherence to the laws of God, and thine energy which thou hast shown towards the doctrines of God. Thou hast done well. Thou hast done well, O thou shining star in the Horizon of El-ABHA! Well done! Well done! O thou burning candle in the glass of that remote country! (239:1)

It hath been reported by ... that thou hast rendered valuable services to the vineyard of God and His beloved servants, that thou art encouraging the shaking hearts and making them more firm and solid, and about the facilitations thou hast made for the promotion of the utterances of God amongst the people. By the Life of God! the angels of heaven magnify thee, the Supreme Concourse praise thee, the party of the Kingdom of El-ABHA announce to thee the glad-tidings and the hosts of the unseen assist thee and render thee victorious through the banners of Baha'. (239:2)

I have answered the two supplications sent through thee by two newly guided servants. (239:3)

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