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Thou hast asked regarding the phrase, "HE is GOD!" written above the Tablets. By this Word it is intended that no one hath any access to the Invisible Essence. The way is barred and the road is impassable. In this world all men must turn their faces toward "Him- whom- God- shall- Manifest." He is the "Dawning-place of Divinity" and the "Manifestation of Deity." He is the "Ultimate Goal," the "Adored One" of all and the "Worshipped One" of all. Otherwise, whatever flashes through the mind is not that Essence of essences and the Reality of realities; nay, rather it is pure imagination woven by man and is surrounded, not the surrounding. Consequently, it returns finally to the realm of suppositions and conjectures. (485:1)

Verily, Thou art witnessing that the fire is ablaze in the breasts, the tears are streaming from the eyes and the period of patience and silence hath come to an end. The eyes of the beloved ones, O my God, are swimming in tears; the hearts of the yearning ones, O my Beloved, are wandering in the wilderness of Thy mercifulness; and the souls of the attracted ones, O my Desire, are afflicted with anguish on account of Thy separation! (485:2)

Verily, they have heard Thy universal proclamation, O my God, and what Thou hast revealed in the Koran: "Say I travel ye on the earth, so that ye may behold the signs of the mercy of God." Thereupon, after Thy ascension, the people of faithfulness have arisen, traveling to distant lands and hastening to far and remote regions of the world, in order to cry out Thy Name, to remind the souls of the arrival of Thy days, to lea the minds to the fountain of Thy signs, to demonstrate to all the inhabitants of the world Thy proof and Thy religion, to guide the truth seekers to the right path and to indicate the straight highway to the strivers. From among them is Thy servant ..who is firm in the Ancient Covenant, fleeing from the people of darkness, drinking from the water of eternal life and intoxicated with the wine which is overflowing from the divine cup. Verily, he hath left his native abode, waved the hand of farewell to his relatives, forsaken ease and comfort, hastened to strange and unknown kingdoms and accepted hardship and adversities while heralding Thy Name, commemorating Thy glorification, attracted to Thy beauty, stirred by the fragrances of Thy holiness, speaking Thy praises, voicing Thy Cause, guiding others to Thee, proving Thy religion, demonstrating Thy irrefutable truth, becoming an answerer to every questioning one and a guide to every one held in error! (485:3)

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