Baha'i Wrld Faith Pt1 (quotes):-
CHAPTER ONE - Great Announcement:-
The Purpose of the Prophets
The True Believer
This Wondrous Day
How severe the Tests
The Time Fore-Ordained
Beware lest ye Fail
Why the People have denied God
Manifestations of God
The Truth of His Mission
The Standard of His truth
Oneness of the Prophets
Breakers of the Covenant
The meaning of True Unity
The Prophetic Cycle hath Ended
He hath Recreated all things
Manifold Woes and Trials
The Divine Spirit awoke Him
To Build Anew the World
This new World Order
The Remedy the World Needeth
Tablets to the Kings
Tablets to the Leaders of Religion
Tablet to the People
The Promised One
The Successive Revelations
Wishing to Reveal Thyself
The Covenant Thou hast Established
Whom Thou hast Chosen
Thy Straight Path
Thou hast Sent Down Thy Book
The Tablet of Visitation
He calleth the Nations
Darkness hath Fallen
The Eternity of Thy Majesty
This Divine Law
No sooner had He revealed Himself
The Fire of Thy Love
No Refuge can be Found
The Best-Beloved is Come
The signs of Revelation
The Generating Impulse of Creation
The Morn of Divine Guidance
The Hosts of Divine Inspiration
Life of Soul, Power of Regeneration
A Fixed Time to Turn to God
An Ever-advancing Civilization
The Paradise of His Presence
Man's Perfection and Nobility
Every Man Endowed with Capacity
The Result of Volition
The Soul's Power
A Sign of God
The Gift of Understanding
Chosen from the Whole World
The Flood of Grace
Two Duties laid upon Man
The Spirit that Animateth the Heart
Potentialities Inherent in Man
Endowed with Constancy
Establish Unity
The Root of Knowledge
Union with God
A Safe Approach to God
By which the Truth is Distinguished
Actions of the Righteous
True Liberty
In Amity and Concord
The Reason they were Created
The Principle of Moderation
The Advancement of the World
The Essence of Justice
Words of Wisdom
The Hidden Words
The Tablet of Tarazat
The Third Taraz
The Fourth Taraz
The Fifth Taraz
The Sixth Taraz
Tablet of the World
The great Message Commands
Tablet of Tajalliyat
The First Tajalli
The Second Tajalli
The Third Tajalli
The Fourth Tajalli
The Glad-Tidings
The First Glad-Tidings
The Second Glad-Tidings
The Third Glad-Tidings
The Fourth Glad-Tidings
The Fifth Glad-Tidings
The Sixth Glad-Tidings
The Seventh Glad-Tidings
The Eighth Glad-Tidings
The Ninth Glad-Tidings
The Eleventh Glad-Tidings
The Twelfth Glad-Tidings
The Thirteenth Glad-Tidings
The Fourteenth Glad-Tidings
The Fifteenth Glad-Tidings
Tablet of Ishraqat
The First Ishraq
The Second Ishraq
The Third Ishraq
The Fifth Ishraq
The Sixth Ishraq
The Seventh Ishraq
The Eighth Ishraq
The Ninth Ishraq
The Mystery of God
Tablet of the Branch
Whoso layeth claim to Revelation