Paris Talks (index):-
Kindness toward strangers
True thought and action
Compassionate physician
Union between peoples
God comprehends all
Pitiful causes of war
The Sun of Truth
Light of Truth shines
The universal love
Imprisonment of Abdu'l-Bahá
Greatest gift to man
Clouds obscure sun
Religious prejudices
The benefits of God
Harmony in diversity
Prophecy return/Christ
Holy Spirit intermediary
Two natures in man
Material/spiritual prog
Matter & soul development
Spiritual meetings Paris
Two kinds of light
Spiritual aspirations w.
Lecture at a studio
Good ideas & action
Baptism by water/fire
L'alliance Spiritualiste'
Evolution of the spirit
Desires/prayers of Abdu'l-Bahá
Body soul & spirit
Work with heart/soul
On calumny (slander)
No spirituality / no progress
Pain and sorrow
Perfect human virtues
Indifference to suffering
Smallness of our numbers
Pastor Wagner's church
Theosophical Society
Eleven teaching principles-
1- Search for truth
2- Unity of mankind
3- Religion- cause of love
4- Religion & science
5- Abolition of prejudice
6- Means of existence
7- Equality of men
8- Universal peace
9- Religion- no politics
10- Equality of sex
11- Power of Holy Spirit
the last meeting
talk- st martin's lane
progress of the soul
four kinds of love
tablet revealed by Abdu'l-Bahá