Summary Return Information:-
Five Bible Return Scenarios
The Return & Afterward
From Where
Earth Travels
Explicit Acts
Other Return Predictions
Rapture? Baha'i Understanding
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Bahá'í Definition
Resurrection Narrative
Resurrection Summary
Bahá'í vs Islam vs Christian
Christian Comments
Resurrection Types
Other Resurrections
Original Sin
Symbols in the Bible
Some Major Bible Events:-
Third believers Cutoff
Books Sealed
Books Unsealed
New Name for Christ
Israel to be Restored
Israel to blossom
Jews to be Gathered
Some Bible Personages:-
Peter and Paul
Prince of Peace
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False Prophets
Regarding the Branch
Muhammad in the Bible
True Prophet; how prove
Miscellaneous Items:-
Proofs in General
Duration of a 'time'
Day for a Year
Last Days