D-E Bible:
DANIEL: 1. Jewish captive aka BELTESHAZZAR:
Educated at king's court
Interprets visions
Promotion/executive authority of
Conspiracy vs cast in lions' den
Prophecies of
Abstinence of
Wisdom of
Devoutness of
Courage and fidelity of
Worshiped by Nebuchadnezzar
2. David's son. Called CHILEAB
3. Seed/Ithamar, friend/Ezra
1. The Mede, king of Persia
2. King of Persia, emancipates Jews
3. The Persian
DAVID: 1. King of Israel:
Genealogy of
A shepherd
Kills a lion and a bear
Anointed king, inspired
Chosen of God
Described to Saul
Armorbearer, musician/Saul's court
Slays Goliath
Love of Jonathan for
Popularity and discreetness of
Saul's jealousy of
Defrauded of Merab/given Michal/wife
Jonathan intercedes for
Writes Psalm 11 at this period?
Defeats the Philistines
Saul attempts/slay him; he escapes
About this time writes Psalm 59
Returns, Jonathan covenant
Escapes by way of Nob
Escapes to Gath
Psalms 34,35,52,56,120?
Recruits an army of insurgents
Psalms 17,35,52,58,64,109,142?
Saves Keilah
2nd covenant with Jonathan
Goes to wilderness/betrayed to Saul
Writes Psalm 54, 22, 31, 34, 140?
Saul is diverted from pursuit of
Now probably writes Psalms 12, 22
Goes to Engedi
Refrains from slaying Saul
Writes Psalm 57
Covenants with Saul
Marries Abigail, and Ahinoam
Dwells in the wilderness of Ziph
Flees to Achish and dwells in Ziklag
List of men who join him
Conducts expedition vs Amalekites
At this time prob. writes Psalm 141
Refuse permission/battle Israelites
Rescues the people of Ziklag
Probably writes Psalm 13
Death/burial of Saul and his sons
Slays the murderer of Saul
Lamentation over Saul
Dwells 1 yr and 4 months at Ziklag
Goes/Hebron/anointed king by Judah
List/those who join him at Hebron
Ishbosheth, son of Saul, crowned
David defeats, Ishbosheth
Demands restoration/Michal/his wife
Abner joins David, is slain by Joab
Punishes Ishbosheth's murderers
Anointed king over all Israel
Makes conquest of Jerusalem
Builds a palace
Friendship with Hiram, king of Tyre
Prospered of God
Fame of
Philistines make war/are defeated
30,000 men escort ark to Jerusalem
Uzzah stricken when trys steady ark
Leaves ark at house/Obededom
After 3 mo. brings ark to Jerusalem
Organized the tabernacle service
Offers sacrifice, blesses people
Michal upbraid/religious enthusiasm
Receives promise/seed reign forever
Interpretation/fulfillment of this
Psalms 15,16,24,101,138?
Conquers Philistines, Moab, Syria
Treats lame son/Saul/great kindness
Defeats Ammonites/Syrians
Probably writes Psalms 18, 20, 21
Commits adultery with Bathsheba
Wickedly causes the death of Uriah
Takes Bathsheba to be his wife
Is rebuked by the prophet Nathan
Repents crime and confesses guilt
Chastised for his crime
Death his infant son by Bathsheba
Solomon is born to
Ammonites defeated and tortured
Amnon's crime/his murder
Absalom's return
Absalom's usurpation
David's flight from Jerusalem
Psalms 5,7,26,61,63,69,70,86,143?
Shimei curses him
Crosses the Jordan
Absalom's defeat and death
Laments the death of Absalom
Upbraided by Joab
David upbraids the priests
Shimei sues for clemency
Mephibosheth sues for king's favor
Barzillai rewarded
Judah accused of stealing him away
Returns to Jerusalem
Psalms 27, 66, 122, 144?
Sheba's conspiracy against David
Makes Amasa general
Amasa is slain
7 sons of Saul to be slain to atone
Buries Saul's bones, and his sons'
Defeats the Philistines
Takes military strength of Israel
Probably composes Psalms 30, 131
Marries Abishag
Probably composes Psalms 19, 111
Reorganizes the tabernacle service
Solomon appointed to the throne
Delivers his charge to Solomon
Now writes Psalms 23, 145?
Last words of
Death of
Sepulchre of
Age of, at death
Length of reign, forty years
Wives of
Children born at Hebron
Children born at Jerusalem
Descendants of
Civil and military officers of
Lists of heroes and of their exploits
Justice in the administration of
Discreetness of
Meekness of
David as: Musician
Type of Christ
Jesus called SON OF DAVID
Prophecies re him and his kingdom
2. A prophetic name for Christ
Day of God ( Bahá'í )
Jesus' Ascent on 3rd Day ( Bahá'í )
A creative period
Divided into twelve hours
Six working days ordained
6th day/week/preparation day
1st day/week called the Lord's day
Day's journey, 18 or 20 miles
Sabbath day journey/2000 paces
Times/adversity/'Day of the Lord'
Judgment: Called DAY OF THE LORD
A figure of spiritual illumination
DAYS ( Bahá'í ):
Days, Last
Christianity in LastDays
Misc.Last Day Referencess
DAYS in Prophecy ( Bahá'í ):
Day equals Year
70 Weeks
1260 Days
1335 Days
2300 Days
DEAD: Raised to life, instances of:
Son of the widow of Zarephath
Shunammite's son
Young man laid in Elisha sepulchre
Widow's son
Jairus' daughter
Prepared for burial by:
Wrapping in linen
Burnings of incense made for
DEAD SEA, lies S/E of Jerusalem:
Called Salt Sea
Called Sea of the Plain
Called East Sea
Called Former Sea
Prophecy concerning
Called Giving up the Ghost
King of Terrors
A Change
Going to Thy Fathers
Putting Off this Tabernacle
Requiring the Soul
Whence There is No Return
Being Gathered to Our People
Going Down into Silence
Returning to Dust
Being Cut Down
Fleeing as a Shadow
Exemption from: Enoch
Promised saints/2nd coming/Christ
No death in heaven
By Moses
By Elijah
By Job
By Jonah
By Simeon
By Paul
Judgment upon Antediluvians
Upon Sodomites
Upon Saul
Symbolized: By the pale horse
By King of Terrors
Apostrophe to
Scenes of: Isaac
Of the Medes, irrevocable
Of the church at Jerusalem
Laws relating to
Caused by: Leprosy
Touching the dead
Touching carcass of unclean animal
Touching carcass of unclean thing
Slaying in battle
Contact with sinners (false)
Of priest
Egyptian usage
Worship of
Worship of, forbidden
Possession by, instances of:
Two men of the Gergesenes
The dumb man
The blind and dumb man
The daughter of the Syrophenician
The lunatic child
The man in the synagogue
Mary Magdalene
The herd of swine
Cast out by Jesus
Power over, given the disciples
Cast out: By the disciples
By Peter
By Paul
By Philip
Disciples could not expel
Sceva's sons exorcise
Parable of the man repossessed
Jesus accused of being possessed of
Testify to the divinity of Jesus
Adversaries of men
Troubles Abimelech vs Shechemites
Messages given false prophets by
Believe and tremble
To be judged at general judgment
Punishment of
Did Jesus Descend to Hell? ( Bahá'í )
An arid region w/sparse vegetation
DESIGN, in nature, evidence of
Cain, for murder of Abel
Hagar, cast out/household/Abraham
Moses; mission to Israelites
At the Red Sea
When the people lusted for flesh
The Israelites, cruel oppressions
Elijah, fled/Jezebel to wilderness
Jonah, after preached to Ninevites
The mariners with Paul
Comfort in
DISCIPLE, followers of a teacher:
Peter/Paul Authority ( Bahá'í )
Of John the Baptist
Of Jesus
The seventy sent forth
First called Christians at Antioch
DISCIPLINE of armies
Of the descendants of Noah
After building the tower of Babel
Of the Jews, foretold
DOCTRINES ( Bahá'í )
Doctrines Same as Christian?
Vanity of
Instances of:
Abimelech, concerning Sarah
Jacob: Concerning the ladder
The ring-straked cattle
Concerning his going into Egypt
Laban, concerning Jacob
Joseph, concerning the sheaves
The Midianite/the cake of barley
Solomon, re his choice of wisdom
Eliphaz, of spirit speaking to him
Daniel, concerning the four beasts
Joseph; Mary's innocence
Concerning the flight into Egypt
Concerning the return to Palestine
Pilate's wife, concerning Jesus
Cornelius' vision, concerning Peter
Peter's vision of unclean beasts
Paul's vision; Come Macedonia
Relating to his going to Rome
Concerning shipwreck, safety of all
Revelations by: General references
The dreams of the butler and baker
The dreams of Pharaoh
Interpreted by: Joseph
False prophet/no receive revelation
DUAL STATION (of Christ):
The Dual Station ( Bahá'í )
Primitive condition of
Design of
Ancient notions concerning
Cursed of God
Circle of
God's footstool
Given to man
Early divisions of
Perpetuity of
A new earth
Created by God: General references
By Christ
Destruction of
General references
As judgments
Prophecies of
Instances of: At Sinai
Korah,Dathan,Abiram swallowed
Jonathan/armorbearer attack
Lord revealed Himself to Elijah
In Canaan, in days of king Uzziah
At the crucifixion of Jesus
At the resurrection of Jesus
When Paul/Silas in prison/Philippi
EDOM, signifies red:
1. A name of Esau
2. Land occupied/descendants/Esau:
Elanitic Gulf/Red Sea, aka IDUMEA
Noted for its wise men
Sins of
Prophecies concerning see EDOMITES
Figurative of the foes of Zion
Wilderness of
1. The country of Called: Rahab
Land of Ham
Limits of
Fertility of
Productions of
Irrigation employed in
Imports of
Exports of
Exports of horses
Famine in
Armies of
Army of, destroyed in the Red Sea
Magi of
Priests of
Idols of
Overflowed by the Nile
Civil war in
The king acquires title to land of
Abraham dwells in
Joseph takes Jesus to
Prophecies against
Land promised to children of Israel
1. The Tishbite prophet aka ELIAS:
Persecuted by Ahab
Escapes to wilderness/fed by ravens
By divine direction goes/Zarephath
Returns, sends a message to Ahab
Directs Ahab assemble prophets
Challenges priests/Baal/sacrifices
Slays the prophets of Baal
Escapes to wilderness from Jezebel
Fasts forty days
Despondency and murmuring of
Consolation given to
Told Anoint 3 kings, prophet Elisha
Personal aspect of
Piety of
His translation
Appears to Jesus at transfiguration
Anti-type of John the Baptist
Miracles of: Increases oil of widow
Raise dead son/woman/Zarephath
Causes rain after 7 years' drought
Causes fire to consume sacrifice
Calls fire upon soldiers of Ahaziah
Prophecies of: Foretells a drought
Foretells the destruction of Ahab
Foretells the death of Ahaziah
Foretells the plague as a judgment
2. Called ELIAH, a Benjamite chief
3. A post-exile Jew
ELISHA, successor to prophet Elijah :
Elijah instructed to anoint
Called by Elijah
Ministers unto Elijah
Witnesses Elijah's translation
Mocked by the children of Bethel
Causes king to restore property
Instructs that Jehu be king/Israel
Life of, sought by Jehoram
Death of
Bones of, restore a dead man/life
Miracles of: Divides the Jordan
Purifies the waters of Jericho
Increases oil/woman/sons to be sold
Raises/dead/son of the Shunammite
Neutralizes poison of the pottage
Increases the bread to feed 100
Heals Naaman the leper
Sends leprosy/judgment/Gehazi
Recovers ax fallen into a stream
Reveals counsel of king of Syria
Opens eyes/servant/see hosts/Lord
Brings blindness upon army of Syria
Foretells son to Shunammite
Foretells plenty/starving/Samaria
Foretells death/unbelieving prince
Foretells 7 years' famine in Canaan
Foretells death/Benhadad/king/Syria
Foretells elevation/Hazael/throne
Foretells victory/Jehoash vs Syria
God inhabits
God rules
Scriptures relating to
Creation of
Named by Adam
Beguiled by Satan
Clothed with fig leaves
Clothed with skins
Curse denounced against
Messiah promised to
Children of
Return Events ( Bahá'í )
Every Eye Shall See ( Bahá'í )
EVIL, appearance of, to be avoided:
General references
Paul not eat idol offering
In supporting himself
EXODUS of tribes (see Israel)
EZBON: 1. A son of Gad:
General references
Called OZNI
2. Son of Bela
EZEKIEL, a priest:
Time of his prophecy
Persecution of
Visions of: God's glory
Jews abominations
Their punishment
The valley of dry bones
The river
Pantomime; feigns dumbness
Siege/Jerusalem by drawing on tile
Shaves himself
The approaching Jewish captivity
Boiling pot/destruction/Jerusalem
Omits mourning at death of his wife
Prophesies by parable of an eagle
Other parables
His popularity