Their Revelation
Manifested; endued with Gods grace
Of God nourishes souls
Of God is cause of peace; need power
Of God like college
Of God manifested by Gods power
Of God for the guidance of man
Of God calls us to share fulfilment
Of God; appearance announced
Of God divine; we are its results
Discover treasures in the revelation
Divines unaware of what was revealed
Faithfulness; power to departed soul
Lamp of lighted by oil of wisdom
Manifestations to manifest it
Manifestations reveal mysteries of
Mysterious power of described
No knowledge of without revelation
Peace will be on the path of
Steadfastness; man's station great
Triumph of insured by valiant acts
Union of people in; remedy for world
Working for; brings joy; etc
City of Certitude every 1000 years
College; Cause of God is like
Of God; changeless; eternal
Of God; changeless; eternal; this is
Union of people in; remedy for world
Freedom to see New Revelation urged
Day of; and the standard of evaluation
Men divided by pen
Love of world, only cure Revelation
Moon; Divine Guidance is like
Revelation; Action in Rltn to
If accept; are as eye to mankind
Corruption of text by Muslims/Jews
Proclaimed as directed by Spirit
Rejection of any is a mistake
Rejection of; causes world's misery
Sent by God when religion dies
Weighed not by human standards
Revelation; Action of
Distinguished from human world
Each in time has become scriptures
Gives life everlasting
Helps one who is free of imaginings
Infuses strength into the feeble
Leads to certitude out of darkness
Reveals all man can see of God
Revelation; Attributes of
Conducive to elevation of mankind
Laws of God like sun in heaven
Light of Sun of Truth; grow in
Light of; you develop as you should
Measure of each is different
Pen inspired by God is source
Pre-eminent above all gifts
Divine precepts best for order
Trees of; have yielded fruit
What soul sees in; is pure knowledge
Revelation; Purpose of
Effect of verses revealed by God
Light; needed for spiritual vision
Makes Gods-eye view possible
Objective of all; changes mankind
Revelation; Reality of
Choice Wine unsealed
Constellation of love is shining
Cup of; gives Waters of Truth
Divine food; sick people dislike
Each regarded as same by prophets
Elixir of; can change dross to gold
Elixir of; alone can revive society
Essence of knowledge rejected
God's greatest gift to man is
Greatest gift; to let man know God
Heard if veil of imaginings rent
Is food and drink to soul; essential
Like moon; brightness increases
Ocean; immerse yourselves in
Only connection of three conditions
Recipients of; are Manifestations
Testament of God rains on souls
Truth rises from different points
Truth; Gods guidance; is reality
Revelation; Specific Ones
Bahaullah's changeless; eternal
Bahaullah's Faith revealed
Bahaullah's like ocean of pearls
Each new one a divine prescription
Testified to; by new thought and ideas
Of past; consideration of; is wrong
Past ones; abandon; restated
Promised ones; purpose of told now
Wine; Choice unsealed by Bahaullah
Are to soul as foliage is to tree
Definitions of; to be appreciated
Importance; psychological; discussed
Meanings; clarified by Manifestation
Terminology of holy books; their own
Triggers to action