About the Souls of Men
Has no sensation; is immortal
Attractable; to be drawn to kingdom
Can live without body; body dies without it
Connection to body as sun to earth
Body cureable; what about soul?
Dreams; solution to problems in
Difference in capacity; fundamental
Entrusted with unknown wonders
Is before body; in state of potentiality
Has mysterious connection with body
Inner life reflected thru conduct
Like a glass; with virtues its light
Not composed, divisible, nor perishable
Not composed, divisible, nor perishable
Rational; is the substance; not body
Relation; soul & body; can understand
Station of man; must manifest now
Substance is intelligence; love(spirit)
Sympathetic nerve between body & soul
3-fold nature; animal, human, divine
Two natures of man, animal/spirit
Two natures are body and soul
Soul;Action in Relation to
Befall God's loved ones; only good
Chosen for knowledge and love of God
Effect of prayer on consciousness
Influence; intoning revealed verses
Knowledge of; urged
Knowledge of; Word is only source of
Light on; now we have new
Resuscitated only by Holy Spirit
Sanctify; think what will
Stifled by prejudice and superstition
Soul; Action of
Action at all levels is love
Action of power of comprehension
Acts and controls without the body
Animates the body
Becomes victim of self and passion
Communicates through brain to body
Controls body; dictates its living
Controls the body
Directs human nature
Directs mans faculties; his humanity
Enters spirit conditioned by brain
Kindles by intoning revealed word
Lives in spiritual world
Merge will with Gods Will is union with God
Reacting to divinity is life of the soul
Reflects divinity
Reflects God's attributes in Kingdom
Sees re: revelation; pure knowledge
Some like torches; others like stars
Soul; Attributes in Relation to
Beginning; but no end; soul has
Essence of soul is spirit (means same)
Kingdom is creation; includes nature
Life expresses existence of kingdom
Divine; eternal; not mortal; sensual
Manifests of its own (without body)
Human learning vs Manifestation
Powers used wrongly
Soul; Attributes of
Brotherhood; human and spiritual
Calm and serene if in Kingdom
Calm and serene if in Kingdom
Character derived by controlling body
Has divine attributes; nature lacks
Divine qualities activated by Holy Spirit
Divinity of; should be recognized
Energies latent, but clouded by desire
Exalted above other creatures
Faculties keener during sleep
Faithful to God or not; results told
Fitted to dominate world of humanity
Force hidden in; now disclosed
Free from all agencies (as senses)
Free from all agencies (as senses)
Glory is God's choice for us
Honored with intellect and wisdom
Ideal power gives spiritual perception
Immortality; life goes on forever
No infirmities of body and mind
Invisibility proves it not material
Joy/sorrow; independent of body
Life-vein; God is nearer than
Limitless; but mind is limited
Love can swallow knowledge
Love in; is breath of Holy Spirit
Love of exaltation; characteristic
Mysteries of; accesible to seeker
Needs not supplied by world
'noble have I created thee'
Obedience; souls differ in degree of
Perception vivid in world of dreams
Perfect; but must develop perfection
Perfection latent in all
Potentialities entrusted to souls
Potentialities like sheathed sword
Powers used wrongly
Good attributes caused by religions
Preordained measure prescribed to
Pure heart; sanctified spirit rare
Restless untill see infinite reality
Sight for the invisible described
Spiritual love of God makes man pure
Spiritual man always calm and serene
Spiritual vision cited
Strength tripled if call on God's mercy
Superiority to nature discussed
Thankful person; so in all conditions
Unselfish conduct make person loved
Unsuspected munificence; entrusted
Soul; Development of
City of certitude attained
Obedience to God; men's difference
Embryonic development in early life
Grades and stations mentioned
Heart must be cleansed to enter
Human self and desire aren't divine
Inner and outer lives contrasted
At death; is how far developed
Level of development shows in feelings
Life of; seeing and reacting to divinity
Realms of holiness and of satanic fancy
Root-life is in the material world
Station in Kingdom free from death
Three levels of perception
Soul; Growth Patterns of
Ascending is through knowledge
Attains likeness of God; described
Beginning but no end; soul has
Changes described; sacrifice
Conscience developed by religion
Develop in image of God now possible
Development; is independent of body
Growth aided by mind action
Growth can continue till death
Growth is like that of tree
Growth is toward divinity
Growth caused by working for cause
Use body to gain knowledge; love
Growth through using volition
Growth; mental and spiritual; forever
Life patterns are 2; material & spiritual
Motion only toward perfection
Perfections appear by degree
Perfections appear by degree
Profits by what befalls one
Progress by choice; on earth only
Progress of; independent of body
Purified by burning veils of self
Purify soul with waters of renunciation
Soars heavenward through prayer
Troubles stimulate growth
Growth hindered by self-indulgence
What develops depends on spirit used
Soul; Purpose of
Acquire virtues
Answers when God speaks; only it can
Attain revelation; seeker must
Be trustees of God; Bahaullah says
Bounty; to help others spiritually
Channels for God's mercy; try to be
To enjoy benefits of countless worlds
Destiny most glorious; serve Lord
Destiny; to develop divine qualities
Earth dominion destined; to gain
Fruit of earth; life is spirituality
Fulfilment of reality is love
Identify with mind; not materiality
Acquire excellence; tho created pure
Must choose between good and evil
Must develop perfections like seed
Not merely read; but live teachings
Must traverse every condition
Needs to be taught good and evil
Never declines; but
Purification; certain souls may help
Purpose of God's creating it
Purpose will be fulfilled; as choose
Purpose; we have power to fulfill
Rewards for obedience promised
God wants distinguished from others
Soar on wings to Kingdom revealed
Not to forfeit favor when God calls
Shows at death its full power & worth
Soul; Origin of
Exists at time of conception
Exists at time of conception
Created divine by God; not material
Created as seed; perfections develop
Created as seed; perfections develop
Created of one substance
Created of spirit
Created out of 'nothingness'
Has beginning but no end
Is a celestial entity
Molded etc; from love and knowledge
Into human existence at conception
Soul; Power or Spirit
Become mirror of God's lights; can
Force doubled by word of Bahaullah
Has choice in own fulfilment
Knowing power above animal
Knowing is awareness above senses
Power of comprehension; action
Power of ideation is material
Power to control self; tied to nature?
Powers; two; spiritual and material
Powers not shown due to body illness
Powers; five outer; five inner
Sight; inner vs outer
Spirit breathed into soul explained
Spirit not affected by bodily changes
Spirit appears in physical form
Spirit can manifest in all forms
Spirit; dual power to know/love God
Soul & spirit interchangeable
Soul; Reality of
Celestial entity
Child of God; divine should prevail
Divine creation; perfect for purpose
Image of God must be built in self
Image of God; how to develop
Image of God; imperfect reflection
Spirit illumines intelligence via
Living soul; (man became)
More than body or animal
Reality is the collective reality
Reality is the collective reality
Sign of God; heavenly gem
Sign of God; mystery unknown
True man; celestial
Trust God thru veil of concealment