Added to reason opens new vista
Can shatter vain imaginings
Enables us to see Kingdom revealed
Is emanated from Divine Bestower
Is love from man to God
Is spirit of immortal soul
Axis round which eternal life spins
Eye of can see future
First sign of; is love
Fruits of; are good actions
Light of; comes from Sun of Reality
Ocean of; believers drink from
Certitude comes from partaking of
Path is open only to selfless soul
Fruit (symbol of)
Must be brought forth in souls
Must be forthcoming; value of tree
Must be yielded by tree and man
Of human existence is recognition of God
Of human tree is love of God
Of human world is spiritual attributes
Produced through sacrifice of seed
Ripened by sun as soul by Manifestation
Appearance shows maturity of tree
Best from plant most pruned
Choice; seekers are like
None from imagining
Without it; tree should be cut down
God's-Eye View
True seeker can attain
View urged
Abiding joy; Bahaullah made possible
Divine joyousness is needed
Is easy for an animal
Eternal; to gain one must suffer
Everlasting joy promised obedient
Exhilaration from inner perception
Found in Kingdom; ideal relationship
Via spiritual qualities, acceptance
Of joyful service; believers filled with
Greatest bliss in helping others
Holy ecstacy if accept Revelation
Human; will soon vanish
Impossible for complaining person
Insured by love in this world/the next
Is in the fragrance of the love of God
Joy for all who turn to Light
Joy in many worlds; promised
Indescribable for believers in the next life
Joyful tidings; Bahaullah brings
Life enjoyed by believing and serving
Perpetual in the Kingdom revealed
Promised if you learn to love
Real in self respect to noble purposes
Serenity; reward of spirituality
Spiritual enjoyment is intended
Spiritual joy; eternal in Kingdom
Success from working for the Cause
Should twinkle in the heart
Sweetest thing is prayer & obedience
Depends on spiritual good/receptivity
Unending; religion opens door to
Sanctuary of prayer if spiritualy free
Blindness of; warning about
Each spoken to; only soul can answer
Needs attachment to the eternal
Hard of heart; why is man so?
Is deprived by 'natural' emotions
Like earth; but with great potentiality
Lift hearts above; look with faith
Longing hearts to be cleansed
Pure heart; a mirror to be cleansed
Pure heart; one cut away from self
Pure hearts have everlasting bounty
Purified from 'nature' by spirit
Veils from heart ruled by passion
Need loving heart to enter Kingdom
Wash from; earthly defilements
Wellspring of treasures; cleanse
Is a result of mankind's education
Alone doesn't make soul loving
Religion instills ideals
Of fancy must be shattered
Of imitation; scatter them
Divine; moves Manifestations
Knowledge; divine; comes from
Potency of; is the Holy Spirit
Cast by God into heart; knowledge is
Century of light
Divine; absent in human world
Existence of is proved by darkness
Love is breath of H.S. vivifying soul
Of intellect vs divine light; vision
Of piety; Bahaullah asks soul to be
From sun is as mentality from the soul
Spiritual virtues are to man
Splendor of; is in hearts
From man to God is faith
Of fellow youth; how youth to win
Of God is fruit of human tree
Of self makes human feelings
Of self; till find something greater
Of sense is animal condition
Of worldly things; cleanse heart of
Real; is between God/servants
Selfless; by knowledge of God
Selfless; makes spiritual feelings
True; no discern regarding beloved
Seen in light of Sun of Reality
Latent in universe revealed by love
Of kingdom; power of Cause a mystery
Seen through eye of God
Unravelled by Manifestation
Unravelled by Manifestation
Connection between body & soul is one
Dawning stars of; we are asked to be
Manifestation is aware of
Pearls of; hid in Bahaullahs words
Source of; is Manifestation
Disclosed is all that is in hearts
End; same as beginning with God
Kingdom is a world that all may attain
Not seen with limited human vision
Of life; we have new light on
Reformation; all are subject to
Results depend upon means
Conversation with God/sweetest thing
For departed admonished
For each other is admonished
For God's help night and day
Is wing for soaring
Precious; verses revealed; effect of
Presence of God; Promised; Explained
Punishment if Fail at Appointed Hour
Caused by 'living waters'
Caused by Revelation
From nature into Kingdom revealed
Is awakening to knowledge of God
Is through science of love of God
Need spirituality to understand Kingdom
Resurrection Caused by Word of God
All things for union with Beloved
Characterizes greatest men in world
Of self; love friend better than
Saint; Divine nature dominates human
Salvation from Animalism; Revelation
Condition of; creation is in
Defined; a substance of divinity
Is man's destiny and eternal glory
Is tie between God and man; a favor
Joyous; God fills souls with gladness
To God; I pray to arise in
To God; greatness determined by
To idle fancies; free self from
To mankind; with love for unity with God
To mankind; we should give
Spirit; Action, Attr in Rltn to
Appearance of; in physical form
Christs mention of explained
Magnetized by elements of body
Stirred by breeze of holiness
Spirit; Action of
Acts with or without instruments
Causes understanding; not learning
Emanates from God; explanation
Manifests in different degrees
Shows as love at all levels
Spirit; Attributes of
Energy & bounty; all things manifest
Positive energy is love
Spirit; Degrees of
Man; lives less than Holy Spirit
Different degrees equal different worlds
Divine and satanic; in man
Divine spirit dwells in souls
Divine spirit may manifest in man
Five categories of
Grades and stations mentioned
Greatest power of in Manifestation
High degree for complex situations
Highest degree (the 4th) is the Holy Spirit
In animals shows as noted
Merciful; certain souls become
Of each kingdom; named
Of man; described; glorified
Of nature shown in acts & attributes
Spirit; Reality of
Breath of life; made man a soul
Divine breath animates all things
Life energy at different levels
Animates all; in degrees, kingdoms
Origin and purpose is yours
Motive power of body
Power greater without body
Primal essence with different names
Spirituality; Action, Effects of
Causes reversal of feelings
From human life as fruit from tree
Gives man real joy; supreme honor
Results from mankinds education
Shines like star;like fruit of tree
Spirituality; Act, Attr in Rltn to
Achieved through suffering
Created by prayer
Entrance to kingdom is through
Has been overcome by materialists
Heart must have; its fruits
How attained
Infused into hearts by Revelation
Man should obtain spiritual life
Mankind is moving toward
Mankind to enter; in this cycle
Must develop along with material
Possessed by pure hearted only
Soul progresses toward
Urged if detached from world
Spirituality; Attributes of
Angelic side may rule animal side
Blessings listed
Divine unity & understanding; goal
Nobility belongs to divine nature
Immortality; spiritual existence
Imperfections reach perfection
Qualities result from divine knowledge
Re-formation is from new growth
Receptivity described
Serene; spiritual man always is
Spiritual discoveries via imagining
Spiritual qualities; animals lack
Susceptibility & effect of religious law
Spirituality; Realiy Described
No happiness without
Compared to mortal existence
Described; immortality & completeness
Description of; for Bahai youth
Divine nature of man; spirituality
Is from God; true greatness of man
Can't destroy the fruit of human life
Is like light within glass
Is requisite to enter Kingdom
Conduct of Supreme Concourse urged
Not same as goodness; benevolence
One of two ways of life since Adam
Spirituality; Specific Kinds
Beginning of; man is at
Christs triumphed with disciples
Complete; introduced by Jesus
Things of spirit; we must crave
Suffering required; eternal happiness
Tree (symbol of); Action; in Rltn to
Manifests seed as seed sacrificed
Pruning; produces better fruit
Renewal of fruit; vital for tree growth
Withers in time; as do religions
Tree (symbol of); Attributes; Growth
Vegetable perfections needed too
Fruit more important than size
Fruit of God as soul's spirituality
Human fruit is to love; recognize God
Fruitless; should die; be cut down
Fruits result from showers
Fruits ripened by sun
Growth like soul; seed like human
Fruitful; as Kingdom with seekers
Of faithfulness; Moses said men eat
Roots like life in material world
Two levels of life; like man's
Tree (symbol of Reality)
As human life; from it comes fruit
Is symbol of soul's life here
Divine; highest goal in creation
Enable one to see with eyes of soul
Essence of is submission to God's will
Is measured by religion and science
Power differs in different kingdoms
Purpose of
Should show in our speaking
Spiritual; between souls
Through intellect; but is limited
Blind vision; rewards; when removed
Blind vision; tear them asunder
If idle fancies; free yourself from
Of idle imaginings should be rent
Of limitations in viewing time
Of mental and moral vision discussed
Of prejudice and superstition rent
Superstitions are; to heart
Wrap eyes when one pursues passion
Vision; Action or Attributes of
Imperfect causes wrong actions
Limitations veil origins & objectives
Divinity vs natural evils; choose
Understanding functions through
Be world-embracing vs self-centered
Vision; Kinds of
Choice of eyes in reacting; we have
Human sees how things affect himself
Human; is egocentric; limited
Imperfect eye
Levels of; named
Manifestation's is super-human
Of body; mind and soul; named
Outer; is hindrance to inner
Soul perception described
Soul's; depends on lifting veils
Soul's; means rending mental veils
Two kinds of seeing or knowing
Vision; Specific Objectives of
Of celestial perfection; should be
Of divinity; reaching is life of soul
The power of choice
Causes potentialities to 'manifest'
Characterizes man
Reason it was not denied man
1 of 3 requisites for world peace
Some things subject to free will
Use; makes up mind; brings divinity