P- Bible:
Of the trees
Of the lamb
Of the woman of Tekoa
Of the garment rent in pieces
Of the prisoner of war
Of the thistle and cedar
Of a vine of Egypt
Of the vineyard
Of the husbandman
Of the skins filled with wine
Of the vine
Of the two eagles
Of lions' whelps
Of Aholah and Aholibah
The boiling pot
The gourd
The Sheet let down from heaven
The two covenants
The mercenary soldier
Of the husbandman (N.T.)
Furnished house
The athlete
Desert or wilderness of
Mountains of
Israelites encamp in
David takes refuge in
Hadad flees to
PATRIARCH, head of a family
Paul and Peter ( Bahá'í )
Called SAUL
Of the tribe of Benjamin
Personal appearance of
Born in Tarsus
Educated/Jerusalem, school/Gamaliel
A zealous Pharisee
A Roman
Persecutes Christians/stoning
To Damascus to arrest Christians
His vision and conversion
Is baptized
Called to be an apostle
Preaches in Damascus
Is persecuted by the Jews
Escape via basket/goes to Jerusalem
Received by disciples in Jerusalem
Goes to Caesarea
Sent unto the Gentiles
Has Barnabas as his companion
Teaches at Antioch one year
Conveys contributions to Christians
Returns with John to Antioch
Visits Seleucia
Visits Cyprus
Preaches at Salamis
Preaches at Paphos
Sergius Paulus/deputy/is convert of
Contends with Elymas the sorcerer
Visits Perga in Pamphylia
John, departs for Jerusalem
Visits Antioch/teaches in synagogue
His message received by Gentiles
Persecuted and expelled
Visits Iconium/teaches/goes/Derbe
Heals an impotent man
The people attempt to worship him
Is persecuted and is stoned
Escapes to Derbe/returns to Antioch
Revisits 5 towns in Syria
Contends/Christians re circumcision
Refers circumcision to the apostles
Tells wonders God wrought/Gentiles
Returns/Antioch w/letters/Gentiles
Makes his 2nd tour of the churches
With Silas/confirms more churches
Visits Lystra; circumcises Timothy
Vision/Macedonia-goes there
More cities/a merchant/converted
Reprove soothsayer/rid spirit
In prison with Silas/teaches jailer
Is released by civil authorities
Is received at the house of Lydia
Thessalonica/preaches synagogue
Is persecuted
To Berea/preaches in synagogue
Persecuted/is conducted to Athens
Disputes on Mars Hill with Grecians
Corinths/rejected/turns to Gentiles
Visits towns/strengthens disciples
Reproves exorcists/books burned
Timothy/Erastus to Macedonia
Accusations vs Paul dismissed
Proceeds to Macedonia, others
To Troas/preaches until break of day
More towns/to Jerusalem/Pentecost
Teaches/prays/takes his departure
Takes ship/Tyreprays/Ptolemais
Advised no/but goes Jerusalem
Teaches/causes an uproar/arrested
His defense
Is confined in the castle
Is brought before the council
Is returned to the castle
Vision promises teacinig in Rome
Jews conspire against his life
Thwarted by his nephew
Is escorted to Caesarea by guard
Is confined in Caesarea
His trial before Felix
Remains in custody for two years
His trial before Festus
Appeals to Caesar
His examination before Agrippa
To Rome with other prisoners
Transferred to a ship of Alexandria
Predicts misfortune to the ship
The ship encounters a tempest
Ship is wrecked/To island of Melita
Kind treatment by the inhabitants
Is bitten by a viper and survives
Heals the ruler's father and others
Voyage resumed/to Rome/alone
Teaches/is well received
2 yrs preaching and teaching
Supports himself
Sickness of, in Asia
His determination to go Jerusalem
Caught up to the third heavens
Has 'a thorn in the flesh'
His independence of character
Persecutions of
Persecutions endured by
Feast of Weeks
Feast of Harvest
Day of First Fruits
Day of Pentecost
Institution of
Holy Ghost to apostles/1st day of
PERSECUTION, Instances of:
Of Lot
Of Moses
Of David
Of prophets martyred by Jezebel
Of Gideon
Of Elijah
Of Micaiah
Of Elisha
Of Hanani
Of Zachariah
Of Job
Of Jeremiah
Of Urijah
Of prophets
Of 3 Hebrew children of captivity
Of Daniel
Of the Jews
Of John the Baptist
Of James
Of Simon
Of the disciples
Of Lazarus
Of the apostles
Of Stephen
Of the church
Of Timothy
Of John
Of Antipas
Of the church of Smyrna
Roman governor of Judaea
Causes slaughter/certain Galileans
Tries Jesus/orders His crucifixion
Joseph of Arimathaea to take body
An empire of 127 provinces
Municipal government/dual governors
PERSIA, Rulers of:
Artaxerxes I
Artaxerxes II
Peter and Paul ( Bahá'í )
A fisherman
Call of
His wife's mother healed
An apostle
An evangelist
Confesses Jesus as Christ
In rebuking Jesus
Woman of infirmity touched Jesus
Refused to let Jesus wash his feet
Interpretation:Of parable of steward
Of the law of forgiveness
Of the law of defilement
Of prophecy of His second coming
Walks upon the water/Sea of Galilee
Sent with John to prepare Passover
Call attention to withered fig tree
His perfidy foretold by Jesus
Cuts off the ear of Malchus
Follows Jesus/high priest's palace
His denial of Jesus/his repentance
Visits the sepulcher
Jesus' message/after resurrection
Jesus appears to
Commissioned to feed flock
Abides in Jerusalem
Recommends fill vacancy/Judas
Preaches at Pentecost
Heals the impotent man in temple
Accused by the council; his defense
Foretells death of Ananias/Sapphira
Imprisoned and scourged/defense
Goes to Samaria
Prays for baptism of the Holy Ghost
Rebukes Simon/wants purchase
Returns to Jerusalem
Receives Paul
Visits Lydda; heals Aeneas
Visits Joppa/raises Dorcas
Vision/sheet/clean/unclean animals
To Caesarea/baptizes centurion
Advocates/gospel to the Gentiles
Imprisoned and delivered by angel
Writes two epistles
1. King of Egypt at time of Abraham
2. Father-in-law of Mered
3. Ruler of Egypt at time of David
4. Father-in-law of Solomon
5. At the time of Hezekiah
A sect of the Jews
Doctrines of: General references
Concerning the resurrection
Association/publicans and sinners
Traditions of: Fasting
The washing of hands
The duties of children to parents
The Sabbath
Hypocrisy of: Reproved by John
Reproved by Jesus
Reject John
Reject Christ
Come to Jesus with questions
Minister to Jesus
Become disciples of Jesus
Paul, a Pharisee
Descendants of Mizraim
Called: Cherethites
Territory of
Lords of
High priest
Religious zeal in slaying woman
Chief of the Korahite Levites
Roman governor of Judaea
Causes slaughter of Galileans
Tries Jesus/orders His crucifixion
Joseph of Arimathaea takes body
As judgment on Egyptians:
The plague of blood
The plague of frogs
The plague of lice
The plague of flies
The plague on cattle
The plague of boils and blains
The plague of hail
The plague of locusts
The plague of darkness
The plague of death of firstborn
As judgment on Israelites: idolatry
After eating quail
Refusing to enter the promised land
Murmuring/the destruction of Korah
The plague of serpents
For the sin of Peor
On account of David's sin
As a judgment on the Philistines
Denounced as a judgment
John the Baptist
Required to labor
Kept on bread/water of affliction
Kept in chains
Kept in stocks
Confined in: Court of the palace
House of the scribe
House of captain of the guard
Visited by friends
Bound to soldiers
Severe hardships of, mitigated
Cruelty to: see CAPTIVE
Keepers responsible for
Tortured/self-criminating testimony
Permitted to make defense
Prison keeper kind/Jeremiah
By Philippian jailer to Paul
By Felix
By Julius, the centurion
To be visited and ministered to
Released at feasts
Of war: Put to death
Put to death by divine command
Thumbs and toes cut off
Blinded see CAPTIVE
Consolations for
PROPHECY ( Bahá'í ):
Christ's Return
Bahá'í Faith's Own Prophecies
PROPHECY ( Christian ) :
'I will bless them that bless thee'
'And I will establish my covenant'
'I will raise them up a Prophet'
'Why do the heathen rage'
'Thou art my Son'
'Out of the mouth of babes'
'What is man, that thou are mindful'
'set the LORD always before me'
'wilt thou suffer thine Holy One'
'why hast thou forsaken me'
'part my garments among them'
'declare thy name unto my..'
'Into thine hand I commit my spirit'
'hath lifted up his heel against me'
'Thy throne, O God, is for ever'
'Thou hast ascended on high'
'in my thirst they gave me vinegar'
'Let their habitation be desolate'
'To day if ye will hear his voice'
'Of old hast.. laid the foundation'
'I make thine enemies thy footstool'
'Thou art a priest for ever'
'stone which the builders refused'
'Blessed be he/cometh/name/lord'
'There will I make the horn of David'
'Behold, a virgin shall conceive'
'that walked in darkness have seen'
'Of the increase of his government'
'there shall be a root of Jesse'
'He will swallow up death in victory'
'I lay in Zion..a foundation a stone'
'him that crieth in the wilderness'
'Behold my servant, whom I uphold'
'give thee for a light to..Gentiles'
'Who hath believed our report'
'He is despised and rejected of men'
'Surely he hath borne our griefs'
'neither/any deceit in/mouth'
'numbered with/transgressors'
'all thy children shall be taught'
'even the sure mercies of David.'
'Redeemer shall come to Zion'
'I will make a new covenant'
'Ye are the sons of the living God'
'Thou art my people'
'pour out my spirit upon all flesh'
'day will I raise up the tabernacle'
'But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah'
'Behold ye among the heathen'
'and I will shake the heavens'
'behold, thy King cometh unto thee'
'Cast it unto the potter'
'look upon me whom they/pierced'
'smite the shepherd'
'Behold, I will send my messenger'
'Behold, I will send you Elijah'
General references
Isaiah's wife
Daughters of Philip
Jezebel see WOMEN
Schools of
Kept the chronicles
Counsellors to kings
Not honored in their own country
Inspired by angels
Persecutions of
Compensation of: Presents
Presents refused by
False: General references
Admonitions to
Denunciations against
Punishment of
Instance of Noadiah
Old Test. times/foreign resident
In New Testament/of Gentile origin
Of Moses/deliverance at Red Sea
Didactic songs composed by Moses
Song of Deborah/victory over Sisera
Of Hannah,in thankfulness for a son
Of David celebrating deliverance
On the occasion of removing the ark
At the close of his reign
Of Isaiah
Of Hezekiah/deliverance from death
Of Mary
Of Elizabeth
Of Zacharias