Fulfilled Bahá'í Prophecies:
The Biblical Promise
Historical Prophecies:-
The Fall of Napoleon
The Defeat of Germany
Success Queen Victoria
Sultan & Minister warned
Breakup Ottoman Empire
Downfall Persian Monarch
Democracy for Persia
Decline of World Monarchy
End Caliphate & Ecclesiastics
Communism Rise & Fall
Israel Jewish Homeland
Jew Persecution/Homeland
America's Racial Struggles
Bahá'u'lláh Out of Prison
Destruct Bahá'u'lláh House
No Schism in Bahá'í Faith
Scientific Prophecies:-
Explosion of Progress
Nuclear Weapons
Transmutation of Elements
Complex Elements Evolve
Planets & Star Formation
Space Travel
Cancers Communicable
Missing Link not be Found
Ether Abstract Reality
No Mechanical Model Universe
As Yet Unfulfilled Prophecies:-
World Peace (as in this website)
America Enjoined
World become Bahá'í