Conduct reflects inner life
Enjoined to spread the Faith
Generated by Word of God
Generated by Word of God
In material world cyclic; no regress
Is to soul as foliage to trees
Manifested in reality of love
Of spirit at all levels is love
Produced by a cause; cause and effect
Knowledge and volition needed
Make one; liked or disliked
Of soul to be viewed
One kind of knowledge
Beginning Indicates Source; not Time
Is a human action pattern
Choice; good and evil belongs to man
Choice; good and evil belongs to man
Humans choose shame; God glory
Man's choice; divinity and nature
Path to lord; by whoso desireth
Some choices subject to free will
Of what eyes to use in seeing
Wise choices need awareness of evil
Wise choice possible via revelation
Conduct Reflects Inner Life
Disccovery; Power of
East; where Sun Rises; Religions Start
Good Actions are Fruits of Faith
Highest Actions Introduced by Jesus
Motion generated in creation
Motion generated in creation
Ideals Must be Carried into Action
Impetus to Action is Desire
Jesus was a Star in the East
Knowledge without Action is Fruitless
Mans Actions Must Illumine the World
Manifestation's Life Pattern
Origin and Cause
Beginning indicates source; not time
Beginning; is reflected in end
Beginning same as end with God
Cause of all causes is God
Cause of disturbances not asked
Priority; cause and time; two kinds
Source of all things is God
Universe had no beginning
Universe had to have cause
Human views of time veil origins
Laws; see also action
Human policy vs divine
Manifestations life pattern
Of progress visible
Seen in light of time
Essence of; is God's
Greatest in existence
Motive force essential to motion
Needed for peace; to overcome world
Of existence is spirit
One behind all existence
Source of; is promotion of God's Word
Sustaining all things is from God
Power; Kinds & Specific Ones
Physical; greater in animal than man
Forces originating in dust; unworthy
God's in relation to creation
Heavenly; make man noble
Heavenly; satanic strength converted
Hidden in men to be shown; redoubled
Ideal; gives man spiritual perception
Of attraction causes materiality
Of discovery separates man from animal
Of faithful in next life is tremendous
Of lusts causes sin
Of reasoning; not in weak intellect
Of religion not be neglected; potent
Of soul is spirit
Of soul sustains body
Of soul; all embracing; mentioned
Thought & animal force are partners
Two; man has; material and spiritual
Used in wrong ways
Reacting; Actions; Attr; Elements of
Love power activated by what is seen
Negative feelings stifle soul's life
Positive feelings bring out love
Three steps of reacting
Dealing with complex matters
Each a step in living
Reacting; Kinds of
In Kingdom revealed; described
Physical actions; body carries out
To divinity; is life of soul
Repose Does Not Exist in Nature
Righteous Acts Produced by Religion
Power beginning to be manifest now
Power; intelligence of man described
Power; latent; be brought out in man
Power/materiality; two wings of bird
Power; man's unlimited; fill purpose
Power; of departed souls described
Power; required for cause of peace
Power; spiritual love of God is pure
Power; to control ourselves; we have
Power; rule material intelligence
Thoughts Must be Expressed in Action
To Do comes after To Know
Virtue of Action Conditioned by God
Wrong Use of Qualities is Evil