Classified by type vision sees it
Close-up of; as a reality
Condition of; is servitude
Dependent entirely on God
Depend on God as rays depend on sun
Destiny all things in Bahá'u'lláhs hand
Energized by one power(spirit)
Emanates from God
Every created thing/door/knowledge
Generating impulse; primary purpose
God's most excellent handiwork
Infinite are its phenomena
Is under rule and dominion of God
Our kingdom; its reality is our reality
Mirrors center; awareness of deity
Motion in; by energies; word released
Nature of
Objective and destiny of
Ordained for training of souls
Perfect; how can evil exist in it?
Purpose and power of; must be seen
Purpose of
Purpose of
Purpose of
Reality of; phases; must see to know
Reality of; is reality of man
Reality of; to be faced
Reflects divinity
Relation of to creator
Reveals God's names and attributes
Revolution by first Word; new entities
Revolutionized by Word
Servitude to God; its destiny and glory
Subject to laws of nature; except man
Sun of is the Manifestation
Sustenance of; is from God
Workshop of; is earthly life
Creation; Origin
Brought into being by Word
Called into being by God
Emanates from God
Had no beginning
Had no beginning
Proceeding from God described
Out of nothingness by His wish
Animal and human compared
Animal intelligence described
Knowing power in; reason to obey
Lower creature's souls are inferior
Man has perfections of all
Man; culmination of all in creation
Power of understanding in; described
Knowledge; Action in Relation to
Acquired; to be cleansed from heart
By intelligence; intellectual condition
Awareness of truth changes feelings
Created of its essence; we are
Gain via door of all created things
Gained till end of life; possible
To divine knowledge is life's pathway
Promised in this day
Unveiled; if you ponder
Criterion; senses; for materialistic
Grades of; identified
Insight; conscious perception
Is light God casts it into heart
Man's first weapon vs slavery; nature
Light of; in hearts; hidden by senses
Light of; kindled by revelation
Lights of; to envelop seeker
Lights of; to envelop seeker
Like wings; a ladder for ascending
Ocean of; Bahá'u'lláh lead men to
One of three requisites for world peace
Studies of; should be revised
To know is first; then 'to do'
Two kinds of attributes or reality
Two kinds; divine and satanic
Two kinds; divine and satanic
Two kinds; sensible and intellectual
Ultimate in; is religion
Without action; fruitless; not be gained
Knowledge; Specific Kinds
Divine; purpose of existence given
Divine; how to acquire
Divine; is from Bahá'u'lláhs revelation
Divine; realized by detachment
Divine; rejected; for own desire
Gods is all encompassing
High recognition quickened by Manfestation
Human by machinery; truth from God
Human; is sensible or intellectual
Knowing power in different kingdoms
Of divine verities needed
Of God causes good morals
Of God is the beginning of all things
Of God is foundation for salvation
Of God is foundation for salvation
Of God is honor to man
Of God; awakening to; generates love
Of God; bestowed by religion
Of God; empty self of all other
Of God; absence causes oppression
Of God; portals to; are unlocked
Of God; results in good action
Of kingdoms; creation via intellect
Of power inadequate; action needed
Of reality advantageous
Of reality; progress of civilization
Of self; what it could do for us
Spiritual; lack of; is oppression
Without it; only ignorance
Creation bound by
God's Government; described
In Kingdom; law of love; as in heaven
Of attraction holds creation together
Of love founded by Jesus
Of love never stops; like fountain
Of New World Order is law of love
Of progress is visible
Spiritual laws revealed by religion
Should go on to end of life
In humble man with Holy Spirit
Human; now man is independent of
Understanding word not dependent on
Must be seen to view reality
Of a reality defines its relation
And spirit; a fifth dimension
And patterns; behind acts, attributes
Reality; Action; Attr in Rltn to
Created by God
Discovered (of things)
To see ideal; need Holy Spirit
Facing; now possible aided by faith
Faculties for comprehending; named
Investigation needed, and spirituality
Knowledge of; is material advantage
Knowledge of; one kind
Not see in personal concept of life
Revealed by God through Manifestation
Revealed by Manifestations
Revealed by Manifestations
Revelation of; now
To be investigated by reasoning
To be sought; underlying oneness
Translate revelation into
Reality; Attributes; Elements of
Always same, outer practices not
Light obscured; investigation unites
Lights of; are lights of world
Proclaimed by all Manifestation's
Science; His teachings constitute
Reality of Beings and Things
Concealed; to be disclosed in next life
Divine; not seen in human world
Human; excellence of; to manifest
Intellectual and sensible are all good
Manifest in this century
All things revealed by first Word
Of Kingdom must manifest in hearts
Of Kingdom must manifest in hearts
Of Kingdom revealed; we develop
Of life everlasting; may we perceive
Of material man
Of nature discussed
Of rational man
Of soul must be seen
Beheld in Sun of Reality
Things discovered by human spirit
Things discovered by human spirit
Of things evident
Of things evident
Of things; relation of love to
Reality or Truth; Divine
Acceptance of (radiant) is glorious
Infinite; man must attach self to
Is truth; God's guidance
Only thing worthy of heart devotion
Seen by superhuman vision
(general); derived from realities
Interaction among men; God-directed
Of creation to God; dependence
Of creatures to God; dependence
Of man to God; link is love
Of one thing to another may be evil
Sun (symbol)
God is like
Is to body as Manifestation to soul
Laws of God like; to be obeyed
Like mercy of God; shines on all
Manifestation likened to
Manifestation likened to
Manifestation likened to
Rays of to sun as mind is to soul
Sets; then bats fly
Soul likened to; in relation to body
Truth likened to
Hid by external religious practices
Essence of; uttered by Bahá'u'lláh
Has many aspects but is always one
In religion lost by clinging to ritual
Is God's guidance; has no division
Is one; but outer expressions vary
Is reality
Revealed by God to create religion
Not necessarily by man's thought
Religion is; if passes test of reason
Rides upon the wind