Bahai Criticism; 31
is Bahai Faith unbiblical?
does Bahai Faith make light of sin?
is Bahai is a sect of Islam?
are teachings borrowed from others?
do Bahais know Christian theology?
do Bahais pick part of Bible to suit their purpose?
is Christ downed in level by Bahais?
is the Christian church free of prejudice?
Christian church; & the equality of women?
is the idea of original sin a fact?
do Christian teachings differ from Bahai?
would theologians be so mistaken?
does Christianity have more answers?
is God himself to rule people?
message of cross; are Bahais helpless regarding?
a new Revelation is not needed?
a new Revelation is not needed?
doe anyone know when prophecy is to be fulfilled?
does being non political avoid real problems?
have Bahais had past leadership disputes?
is Bahai just pious hopes; commonplace; & wishful?
are there problems not answered by Bahai?
items relating to Bahai
does religion need formal organization?
is resurrection the main factor in salvation?
is Bahai too modern, rational, with no mysteries?
is Bahai teaching on women & marriage common?
will world government lead to dictatorship?
is world language illusory?
is world peace possible?
is world transformation unrealistic?
Church; 4
Bahai parallel with
Bahai; regarding the true gospel
is Bahai a threat to Christianity?
Satan defined as the lower nature of man
Differences; 3
Bahai view of religious differences
with Protestant theology
with Resurrection and Salvation