Mostly to Governments:-
Impending Crises; three Challenges
World Problems - new Institutions
Politics; third world problems
Politics; current defects
Why Bahá'ís not engage in politics
Why obedient to a just government
Nietzsche; God is dead; meaning of
The cause of decline in religion
Decline in churches; statistics of
Decline of ecumenical movement
The decline of religion; Bahá'í's duty
The decline of Islam, other religions
Hope for mankind; quotes
Organization perils eliminated
War; Causes of:-
Survival of fittest; a cause of war
If religion causes war, abandon it
Racial causes; survival of the fittest
Land; minerals; ownership of
Prejudice; a cause of war
Nationalism; effects of
Anarchy; cause of
World anarchy; prophecy of
World calamity; religious conversion
War Prevention of:-
Positive thinking/peace possible
World peace; advice to rulers
U.S. form of government; advice
Two stages to universal peace
World: infancy/adolescence/maturity
The Lesser Peace
Peace thru consultation of nations
Peace and a world tribunal
The Most Great Peace
How the UHJ is to reach full power
Peace aided by a small police force
Consultation by world leaders
A universal language
International court arbitration
The defense of nations
World peace; needs of East & West
War will end when women equal
Women qualities to dominate world
Biblical Kingdom:-
The Kingdom described
Destruction of the present system
Current politics
How God Himself rules His people
Kingdom; a universal process
Christian; Bahá'í view of Kingdom
World government described
Kingdom of God; result of Calamity
Bahá'í Structure:-
Flexibility of
LSA not dependant upon leaders
Allegiance of officials
Administration; three levels
Bahá'í election obligation
Bahá'í election process
Politics; flaws; Bahá'í methods
Elections; minority consideration
LSA; resignation; absence
UHJ; chairman rotated
LSA; reasons for unity
Consultation instructions
LSA; vote conscience/undermining
Members attitude
Administration; a means to an end
Religions benefit from Bahá'í order
Bahá'í community; characteristic
Mashriqul-adhkar; composition of
UHJ guidance; how operates
Guardian in will of 'Abdu'l-Bahá
The Bahá'í Covenant
LSA; importance of
World Government:-
World spiritual impulse
Features of a world society
Institutions needed by Holy Spirit
Functions of a World Tribunal
Education compulsory
Decentralized; Agriculture
Features; towns and cities of future
Details of; left to the UHJ
Bahá'í teachings; a framework
Government to be democratic
Economics; decentralized