Concerning Individuals; 3
Abdul-Baha; Dedication; Sacrifice of
Animals & Pain; Humane Treatment
Arms; Guns; Holy War; Teaching by force
Backbiting; 4
and child rearing
and faultfinding
faultfinding prohibited
gossip forbidden
Children; 8
character training
age of maturity; decision to be Baha'i
hospitality; benifits to child
parent duty
proper treatment; methods to control
punishment; positive approach
rights of
Church; Why Withdraw From?
Conduct; 18
Ones Responsibility for
kindness enjoined
reverence; kindness; uprightness
Covenant-Breakers; Shun; Repenting
Unworthy Sights; Guard Eyes from
Death; Attitude Towards
How to Treat Others; Sin Covering Eye
Drugs; Alcohol; Gambling Forbidden
Education of Children
Faith; Essence of
Gambling and Games
God's Laws are Not Restrictions
Homosexuality; General
Inntercession by Advanced Souls
Islam; Duty to Defend
Kindness and Forgiveness; Benefits of
Knowledge; Science; What to Study
Liberty; Cause of Anarchy if not Ready
Marriage; 16
advice for and prerequisites
chastity/procreation/sex to be enjoyed
children; how raise
advice for
divorce; remarriage
loyalty; jealousy and consultation
prerequisites for
purpose of; childrens role in family
truth in
Medical Profession; Who Should Join
Moderation; Pleasure; Creation for Man
Morals; Importance in Child Rearing
Mysticism; Valid Communication
Nobility; Happiness a Proof of
Obedience; 4
calamity & disease due to disobedience
key Baha'i action
Perfections Latent
Positive Thinking; Example of
Prayer; 10
answered if near God
attitude; in words or thoughts
for healing; when answered
miracles and natural law
Pregnancy; Spiritual Importance
Prejudice; How to Fight it
Dedication; Sacrifice of Abdul-Baha
Religion; World Condition; Abdul-Baha
Reward; no Expect; Life; Guiding Motive
Rich or Poor; Patience Required
Self-Defense; 4
allowed; but not retaliation
no arms
Self-Evaluation; Humility
Self-Realization and Improvement
Sex; 3
pre-marital; chastity
sexual freedom
Spiritual; 2
distinction desired
maturity; how to measure
Spiritualily; 6
building character; some examples
knowledge of Manifestation required
prayer; attitude
submission to God
words not to exceed deeds
obedience required
Teaching; 10
advice by Baha'u'llah
art of listening
divine assistance promised
example by Abdul-Baha
honor free choice of hearer
instructions for
most meritorious of all deeds
proper attitude
right to interpret text
warning against disputes
Truth; 3
independent investigation of
meditation and search for truth
honesty and forgiveness
Wills; 2
inheritance; rules for
requirements for