Other Bible Proofs:-
His Return Referenced by Jesus
His Return Referenced by Others
Items Supporting Bahá'í Claim:-
General Info (Audio 9min)
The Rapture Expectation of Many
- re: above (Audio 23min)
"Times" Prophecies Narrative
- re: above (Audio 13min)
"Prince of Peace"; re: Bahá'u'lláh
Christ is the Only Way
Christ will Return from Heaven
Christ will have a New Name
New Name (Narrative)
Christ will come as a Thief in the Night
Glory of God (or Lord) in prophecy
Lord's House in Top of Mountains
Government on His Shoulder
What Jews Expected in a Messiah
Would You have recognized Jesus?
The Books Sealed prophecy
The Books Unsealed; seals broken
References to His Coming
Two Messengers
Prophecy to be Spiritually Interpreted
Two Messengers
The 1260 days
The 1335 days
The 2300 days
The Seven Times
List of References to His Coming
Returned Christ Activities:-
List of What Christ to Do
Christ to dwell on Carmel
Ministry to last 40 yrs
Overthrow of Kings
Top of the Mountain
Persecuted at His Return
Days Prolonged, will See His Seed
Speak not in Proverbs
Travels & Doings
General Proofs of a Messiah:-
What is Absolute Proof?
What is Appropriate Evidence?
Evidence is Constancy in Teaching
Evidence is in His Words
Evidence is in Their Lives
Evidence if use God's Authority
Evidence if Steadfast in Persecution
Both Christ & Bahá'u'lláh Suffered
Evidence is in Their Perfection
Evidence in Fulfillment of Prophecy
Validating with Biblical Scripture
Do Bahá'ís Believe in Miracles?
Are Miracles Sufficient Proof?
How to Interpret Miracles?
Prophets & Manifestations:-
3 Kinds of Prophet Manifestations
How They manifest God
Why Prophet Manifestations Come
Divine Qualities in Life Lived
How They manifest forgiveness, etc
How mainifest God's Sovereignty
How They manifest God's Love
How Their Suffering is Different
How Theys reveal Truth via Sacrifice
How Christ is Pefect for All Time